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Computer Competency Requirement

The SUNY Canton Computer Competency requirement ensures each student has or obtains the basic computer skills necessary for word processing, spreadsheet utilization, graphical presentation, and online course participation.

This requirement is fulfilled in one of two ways. First, students satisfactorily completing SOET110 or CITA110 (required in many curricula) will meet the requirements of Computer Proficiency. Second, students not scheduled to take any of these courses for their major will be required to complete an online assessment of basic computer skills. The assessment will identify specific areas where assistance may be needed. If further assistance is needed, resources will be available through tutorials available on line or at the library. Students are encouraged to complete this requirement as early in their studies as possible to assure that any deficiencies are addressed as soon as feasible. The assessment may be repeated until successful at which time the Registrar’s Office is notified. Students are informed via campus email of the assessment’s availability along with instructions during the first few weeks of the semester.

Computer Competency Objectives:

SUNY Canton students will demonstrate the competencies listed below:

  1. Basic Computer Operations & Application Fundamentals. Students will demonstrate the following knowledge:
    1. Turn on computer, log on to and off of network.
    2. File management including folder creation, file creation, file copying, renaming files, and opening and closing an existing file.
    3. Open an existing file.
    4. Printing a file.
  2. Email Communication. Students will demonstrate an understanding and ability for utilizing email correspondence, and how to send and receive file attachments.
  3. Basic Word Processing. Students will demonstrate the following knowledge and abilities:
    1. Generate a text document, add headers and footers, conduct a spell check, and insert symbols objects and images. Into the text document.
    2. Format / reformat the text with respect to page margins, layout, font type and size, indenting, and line spacing.
    3. Generate numbered and bulleted lists
    4. Modify and save text files.
  4. Basic Spreadsheet Operations. Students will demonstrate knowledge and abilities to utilize a spreadsheet as follows:
    1. Create a file with rows and columns of data.
    2. Format a spreadsheet to include column and row headings, outlines and borders
    3. Construct spreadsheet cells that accomplish basic mathematical functions.
    4. Generate and label a simple graphical plot of a given set of numbers that includes include a title and axis labeling.  
  5. Online Course Participation. Students will demonstrate an ability to log on, review course documents and information, respond to questions and take exams.
  6. Presentation Graphics. Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to utilize presentation graphics software including slide layout, background, and image insertion.