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Life Experience Credit

» Application for Life Experience Credit

Credit for Life Experiences may be granted to students enrolled in any program, at the discretion of the faculty of that program, a review committee, and the Dean of the School in which the program is located.

NOTE: Students can apply for Life Experience Credit for a course only if a proficiency exam or a CLEP exam does not exist for that course.

The maximum number of credit hours of Credit for Life Experiences that can be applied toward an associate degree is 15 and toward a baccalaureate degree is 30. Such credit will be evaluated according to the following procedure:

  1. The student must apply for Life Experience Credit during the first semester of matriculation in the program. Applicants must complete the Application Form for Credit for Life Experiences and submit the form to the Dean of the School in which the program is located.
  2. The Dean, in consultation with other Deans as appropriate, will arrange for an advisor selected from the School’s faculty to assist the students in preparing the necessary documentation in support of the number of credits requested. The portfolio must clearly evidence mastery of a preponderance of the learning outcomes as listed in the course outline(s) in order for a request to be viable.
  3. The student will submit a formal letter of request and a portfolio containing all documentation and pertinent adjunct supportive material to the advisor within the first ten weeks of the student’s first matriculated semester. The student will be notified of the decision within five weeks after submitting the portfolio. Only enrollment during the College academic year will count as the first semester of matriculation (Summer school IS NOT part of the College academic year). 241
  4. The portfolio will be evaluated by the review committee, which will be comprised of the advisor, a second faculty member of the School in which the program is housed, appointed by the advisor, and an Academic Standards Committee (ASC) faculty member, appointed by the Academic Standards Committee, who is not a member of the School in which the program is housed. The ASC member of the review committee may request review of the portfolio by the entire Academic Standards Committee.
  5. The advisor will provide the review committee with a copy of the most recent appropriate course outline(s), including detailed learning objectives.
  6. The review committee will submit its recommendation and the recommendation of the Academic Standards Committee, if appropriate, to the Dean of the School and forward a copy of the recommendation to the Provost.
    1. Credit for Life Experiences cannot be granted for courses in which the applicant has been, or is, enrolled at SUNY Canton.
    2. Credit determinations in discipline-related fields (e.g., electrical, humanities, social work, etc.) will be made by faculty members in the respective or related department.
  7. Following the decision of the Dean, a notice will be forwarded to the student, the advisor, the Provost, and the Registrar regarding the amount of credit granted and the courses for which the credit will be counted in the student’s program.
  8. Forty dollars ($40) per credit hour will be charged for the review of the materials. This fee must be paid and registration procedures completed prior to the beginning of the review.
  9. Forty dollars ($40) per credit hour will be charged for prior learning credit granted. This fee must be paid prior to the granting of credit.
  10. Credit will be recorded as “CR” on the student’s official transcript under the appropriate course number, but only following the satisfactory (2.00) completion of one full-time semester or its equivalent in the student’s program.