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Services Available

Alternative Testing Service program available for all students with disabilities with appropriate documentation on file. This includes, but is not limited to, additional time on exams and a quiet environment in which to take exams. (link for testing procedures)

Academic Counseling – one to one meetings with the Director of Student Accessibility Services; will primarily focus on: 1) monitoring progress in classes, 2) developing independent study skills, 3) developing time management skills, 4) developing test taking and test analysis skills, 5) developing self advocacy skills, 6) creating "reality" checks. These meetings can be scheduled on a regular or an as-needed basis.

Faculty Notification letters to faculty regarding an individual student’s disability and need for appropriate accommodations. These letters provide an opportunity for the student to engage in a dialogue with the faculty member regarding accommodations that may be necessary to adequately demonstrate mastery of course content and the meeting of course objectives.

Consultation with the faculty member and student, when requested, to develop an appropriate accommodation to help the student demonstrate mastery of course content while maintaining the integrity of the course.

Self-advocacy skill development for the student to develop the skills to receive the accommodations that are appropriate and reasonable based on the documentation of his/her disability.


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