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Accommodative Services

SUNY Canton is committed to serving individuals with disabilities as defined by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, Section 508, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008. The campus community is advised that while no special considerations may be necessary for some students, the very best performance of the campus community will be required to meet the special needs of others.

If you have a disability, please contact the Office of Accommodative Services. We provide assistance to students taking online courses as well as students taking traditional courses. If you are taking an online course, there may be issues of access that could affect your participation. We can help you explore these issues and offer solutions. Students must provide documentation of disability and register with the Office of Accommodative Services in order to obtain these special resources and services.

Accommodative Services can provide the following academic assistance (depending on eligibility):

  • Campus Accessibility Map (printable PDF)
  • Request Form: Exam Scheduling Form for students taking online exams or quizzes
  • Assistance for students who require learning accommodations such as: extended testing time, and quiet location
  • Note taking services
  • Textbooks in alternate format


Future students, parents and high school counselors are welcome to contact the Accommodative Services Office with any questions.


The Office of Accommodative Services serves as a National Voter Registration agency. This office is proud to assist any student in filling out or submitting an application to vote.


Veigh Lee Patricia Endres Heather Lauzon

Director of Accommodative Services
Veigh Mehan Lee

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Patricia Endres

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Accommodative Services
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