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Procedures for Obtaining Services and Scheduling Exams

  • You must bring us your official schedule at the beginning of each semester so that we can notify your instructors that you are eligible for services, such as testing accommodations. If you add or drop a class or if there are any changes to your schedule thereafter, please notify our office.
  • As soon as your instructor announces an exam, come to the Accommodative Services Office to arrange for it. It is your responsibility to let the secretary know if you need a reader, scribe, computer, etc. for the exam. This must be done at least 3 DAYS prior to the exam, otherwise we cannot guarantee services.
  • At the Office of Accommodative Services, we will fill out an “Exam Scheduling Form” for you. The form must then be completed and signed by your instructor, and the yellow copy returned to us at least one day prior to the date of your exam.
  • All exams are to be taken at the SAME TIME as your regular class is scheduled. Any conflicts, such as back-to-back classes, should be discussed directly with your instructor. Additionally, quiz times must be discussed with your instructor so as not to miss portions of the lecture.
  • Any changes or cancellations of exams must be communicated to this office immediately by you. If you are unable to take the exam for any reason, you must contact the instructor for permission to reschedule it.
  • On exam day, arrive on time. Be sure to come prepared with the allowed materials needed to take the exam: pencils, pens, calculator, blue book, etc. Coats, books, notebooks, bookbags, cell phones, food, drinks, etc. must be left in a cubby or with the secretary for supervision.
  • Please take care of food, drink, or restroom needs before beginning the exam as once you enter the testing area, you will not be allowed to leave until your test is completed.


The process for receiving online accommodations is as follows:

  • Fill out the exam scheduling form through the “Accommodative Services” link on the main ANGEL page before you log in. It will take you to the Accommodative Services webpage, where you will then scroll down to the second bullet and click on “Request Form”. This form is only available for online exams. Fill out the form completely, being sure to type your instructor’s email correctly.
  • If you require a reader or any other special accommodations for your exam, you must make arrangements with the Accommodative Services Office (315-386-7392 or Campus Center 233) at least three days ahead of time.


Cheating is the practice of fraudulent or deceptive acts for the purpose of improving a grade or obtaining course credit. If academic dishonesty is detected during an exam, the professor will be informed!



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