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SUNY Canton Scholarship Application

Please fill out the following Scholarship Application.

SUNY Canton ID Number: (this should be a 9-digit number starting with 803- or 804- found at the top of your acceptance packet)

First Name:

Last Name:


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High School:

Date of Birth:

Gender: Female Male

Major indicated on acceptant letter:

Are you requesting housing? Yes No

Have you filled out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid? (FAFSA):
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If you are a transfer student, list college transferring from:

Are you the child or grandchild of an alum?: Yes No

If yes, please list name, year of of graduation and relationship to you:

SAT Score (combined Math and Critical Reading):
ACT Composite Score:

*SAT or ACT scores are required for some scholarships. Please have your official SAT or ACT scores submitted to the Admissions Office if you have not already done so.

**SUNY Canton is a provisional NCAA Division III College. Regulations for this membership prohibit the consideration of athletic ability, athletic participation, athletic leadership or athletic performance in awarding scholarships. Please focus your answers and essay on academic influences and education related content.

Are you involved in any education related extracurricular or leadership activities? If so, please list:

Are you involved in community service or volunteer activities? If so, please list:

Please complete a three to five paragraph essay to help the scholarship committee get to know you as a student and community member. Below are a few suggestions for you to write about.

How does your background make you the student you are?

What would having a scholarship mean to you?

In what ways do you feel that SUNY Canton is a good fit and how do you intend on giving back to the SUNY Canton Community?

Describe your interest and commitment to the major you have selected. How do you plan to use your degree after graduation?

If you are selected for a scholarship, may we release this information to the media and include it in college publications and websites?
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Please type your name and date in the boxes provided to validate your response.

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