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Transition to Blackboard -
SUNY Canton is transitioning from the ANGEL system to the Blackboard (Bb) system over the next year. This will allow us to share the same learning platform (Blackboard) as other SUNY schools, resulting in better overall support. We have completed Phase 1 of our transition, and will now be entering Phase 2, in which the majority of our summer courses will be taught in BB. We will fully be transitioned to BB, fall 2015.

Blackboard Courses
Go to https://canton.sln.suny.edu or click on ANGEL
The link in ANGEL will automatically transfer you to the Blackboard log on page. At this point, you will need to log on to Blackboard with your NetID and Password.

ANGEL Courses
Go to https://canton.sln.suny.edu or click on ANGEL
Log on using your NetID and Password 

Information about your NetID and Password

If you have any questions or issues with your username or password, please contact the SUNY Canton Help Desk

Some Commonly Asked Questions About the Transition

Is Blackboard like ANGEL and where can I learn how to use it?

Both are learning systems with similar features and functions. Although you can’t get into your course until it starts on the first day of classes, you can explore what Blackboard looks like and does by visiting: Blackboard Student Orientation

Where can I get help?

Online Learning
Molly Mott
Dean of Academic Support Services/Instructional Technologies
SUNY Canton
FOB 606
Canton, NY 13617


Technical support:

Open SUNY HelpDesk
1-800-875-6269 or