Minimum Technical Requirements for ANGEL/Blackboard Users

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for ANGEL/Blackboard. If you experience technical difficulties with ANGEL/Blackboard and are using Internet Explorer, please try Firefox instead.

Please check the following system requirements to ensure accessibility to your ANGEL/Blackboard courses:

For technical questions, please contact the Help Desk
at: or phone (315) 386-7448

Note: Cookies must be enabled for ANGEL/Blackboard to function correctly. Some people do not permit cookies on their computer, but ANGEL/Blackboard needs to set what's called a "Session" cookie in order to work. You will not be able to log onto the system until you permit ANGEL/Blackboard to set that cookie.

Setting for Internet Explorer:

Pop-Up Blockers: ANGEL/Blackboard is able to launch new browser windows for certain interactive tools or to display course content. If your pop-up-blocker is on, it can prevent course-related tools and/or content from being displayed properly. Subsequently, you may need to turn-off your pop-up-blocker temporarily while doing coursework.

Firewalls: Company firewalls such as those found at banks or military bases can prevent ANGEL/Blackboard content from getting through to your computer. Network technicians will rarely if ever allow this content through. Personal firewalls such as those found within the Windows XP operating system can be configured to disallow content such as ANGEL/Blackboard material. If you are having trouble accessing ANGEL/Blackboard you should check your personal firewall settings.