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Dr. Fenner (right) is seen here receiving Phi Theta Kappa's Golden Apple award from Karl Ortmeyer for his outstanding motivation of students to achieve their best. Dr. Fenner was one of approximately 15 members of the Faculty and Staff at SUNY Canton to receive the award. Well done!

Dr. Charles Fenner's paper entitled, "WORK SITUATION OF PUBLIC SECTOR EXPATRIATES" has been accepted for full presentation at the International Human Resources Conference in Spain in early 2007. The paper is one of several papers for publication that Dr. Fenner has written with Dr. Jan Selmer, his mentor and friend. Dr. Selmer will present this in Spain. Enjoy!

MafouaDr. Edouard Mafoua
Recent Research

Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Environmental Policies for Reducing Non-Point Source Pollution in Public Water Supplies

SIFE – Students in Free Enterprise

An excellent international business student organization is SIFE — Students in Free Enterprise. Find out more about this organization. www.sife.org


Charles Fenner
Curriculum Coordinator
MAC 420