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Dr. Fenner's paper "SUNY Canton - Potsdam: Merge or Share Services" won the Best Paper Award at the Academy of Business Research fall 2014 conference in Atlantic City, NJ.

The Human Resource Management Journal published Dr. Fenner's paper "Job factors and work outcomes of public sector expatriates." This paper is one of two that has been published as a result of his dissertation.

Andrew Lang won 1st place in the 2015 Free Enterprise Marathon at the SUNY Canton Speak-Off Competition.

Andrew Lang

Town of Canton Supervisor David T. Button visited SUNY Canton’s business ethics class as part of Dr. Charles Fenner’s guest speaker series.

Dr. Fenner presents a SUNY Canton sweatshirt to Canton Supervisor Button

Supervisor Button spoke on the difficulties of sustaining entitlements in economically challenging times. Supervisor Button began the discussion by covering the history of entitlements throughout American history. He moved on to our responsibility to care for the elderly and moving entitlements when classes become over burdened. Supervisor Button ended the discussion with a challenge for students to get involved through the local election processes.

Small logo On 6 August 2007, Dr. Fenner presented the paper below on expatriate cross cultural adjustment.  It discusses influences on an expatriate's psychological adjustment to his/her work environment.  Specifically, the paper focuses on the expatriate's job factors, self efficacy, previous international experience and training affect on his/her psychological adjustment.
Are Public Sector Employees Different in Their Cross Cultural Adjustment?


Janice Robinson
Curriculum Coordinator
MAC 420