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EADM Courses

  • Fundamentals of Emergency Management (EADM201)
  • Risk and Hazard Impact Studies (EADM205)
  • Disaster Management and Preparedness (EADM220)
  • Communities Preparedness and Defense (EADM222)
  • Legal Issues in Emergency Management (EADM307)
  • Incident Command: System Coordination and Assessment (EADM400): Student learn about the Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • Simulation Disaster Training (EADM430): Students utilize incident command, virtual laboratory, and hazmat software to develop their own tabletop exercises.
  • Disaster Simulation (EADM435): Student utilize ArcView GIS and WebEOC software to simulate disaster response and emergency operations centers (EOC) operations during a disaster.
  • Internship in Emergency Management (EADM480): Students have had internship with local county and state emergency management agencies, county public health, American Red Cross, and other agencies.
  • Senior Project (EADM485)
Dr. Michael O'Connor
Associate Professor of Emergency ManagementDr. Michael O’Connor

Dr. Michael O'Connor's academic credentials include a master's degree from Ohio University and a doctorate from the University of Akron. His doctoral dissertation examined the curricula of emergency management programs in the United States. If you're interested in hearing more about that, the Journal of Emergency Management published an article he authored concerning his research conclusions in their November/December 2005 issue. He also presented the results of his dissertation at FEMA's Emergency Management Institute's Higher Education Conference in June 2006.

Dr. O'Connor's background also includes significant experience in the Military Police as a Brigade Adjutant and in Military Intelligence. Additionally, he has been involved in numerous emergency management agency training exercises and in a number of military command post exercises.

Dr. O'Connor is a government liaison to the American Red Cross and a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers.

Dr. Michael J. O'Connor Jr.
Associate Professor of Emergency Management

SUNY Canton
MAC 422
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, New York 13617