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Health Care Management - B. Tech.

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Job Opportunities

  • Health practitioner's offices
  • General and surgical hospitals
  • Home health care services
  • Outpatient care centers

Administrative Careers on the Rise

While medical personnel such as doctors, nurses, and other frontline staff continue to be in demand, health care administrators are equally needed to offer the behind-the-scenes support that will improve quality and efficiency of health care while controlling costs. Typically, there are twice as many administrators as there are primary caregivers.

In-demand Education for In-demand Careers

Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to increase 18 to 26 percent for all occupations through 2014, as the health care industry continues to expand and diversify, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Some reasons for this expansion include the retiring "Baby Boomer" generation, and the increase of the population's lifespan.

Why Graduates are in Such High Demand:

  • Companies need to recruit workers and increase employee retention.
  • To comply with changing health regulations.
  • To implement new technology.
  • To help improve the health of communities by emphasizing preventive care.

"The staff and teachers know you as a person, not a number."

Erica LaPierre '06

Topics Covered in this Major:

  • The mediation of administrators and the health care work force.
  • New ethical issues and the dilemmas faced by physicians.
  • The benefit and commercialism of genetic breakthroughs to health care.
  • The board of director's role in improving the quality of medical care.
  • The evolving health care system.

An International Appeal

Current international students in this program hail from Ethiopia, Vietnam, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, in addition to students from the United States.

"In this program, you learn the skills needed for a career in health-related fields and the knowledge to prepare you to enter the workforce in a medically-related management field," Dr. Signorelli said.

Online Convenience

The last two years of this four-year degree are offered completely online. If students wish, they can begin working in a health profession while completing their studies.

The final semester of this program is an internship, allowing students to build relationships with industry professionals while completing their educations.

Already Working in a Health Care Field?

This major is designed for both traditional students, and students employed within the health fields. Health Care Management is flexible for returning students who want to advance within their chosen career fields. Students in this program increase their knowledge of management, as opposed to only growing a set of skills.



Small logo Dr. Anthony Signorelli Dr. Anthony Signorelli

is a Health Care Management Instructor at SUNY Canton. He graduated from St. Michael's College in Vermont with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then attended the Vrij Universiteit in Belgium, graduating with a Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery. He also speaks Dutch! Dr. Signorelli was a research assistant in invitro fertilization and pathology, concentrating in new techniques and evaluation. Following his education in Belgium, he worked as a research assistant for neurosurgery at Albany Medical College. He then went on to instruct microvascular surgery. Recently, he worked as an adjunct instructor in Chemistry and Biology at Mildred Elley College, SUNY Albany, Hudson Valley Community College, and Siena College.


Health Care Management
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