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Master of Business Administration in Technology Management

SUNYITThe Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in technology management is the most widely awarded and recognized graduate degree in the field of business. The MBA is a degree that offers both a broad and integrative perspective across business functions, and a chance to specialize in a field of the individual’s choice. It also responds to the current needs of the local business community by combining a rigorous study of management topics with a unique focus on technology and innovation management. The MBA is the ultimate degree for applied business.

The MBA is traditionally a two-year (full-time) curriculum designed to prepare generalists for corporate management. Every student in the MBA program will be individually advised by the MBA Program Coordinator. The high technology infrastructure at the Institute of Technology campus provides an ideal environment to integrate technology into the management curriculum.

The MBA is one of the three graduate business degrees offered by the school. The others are Master of Science in Accountancy and the Master of Science in Health Services Administration.

Mission Statement

To be a regionally recognized School of Business that emphasizes quality teaching, and applied curriculum, specialized programs, advanced technology, and scholarly contributions. Each area incorporates ongoing assessment of our objectives for continuous quality improvement. Our primary mission is as a teaching school, emphasizing high quality undergraduate education enriched through research activities at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The School of Business serves traditional and non-traditional students, distance-learning students, and responds to the needs of organizations in our local community.

Quality Assurance

The School of Business is committed to continuous quality improvement for all our programs. As part of our quality enhancement initiatives, our School is seeking accreditation by AACSB International.

The Program

The program stresses the use of modern techniques to analyze and develop business solutions and prepare students for upper-level management jobs. The focus of the coursework is on the use of quantitative and qualitative analyses in conjunction with financial, accounting, and economic principles to solve current and future business challenges. Students have an opportunity to concentrate in one of five areas of specialization: Accounting and Finance, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Health Care Management, or an individually designed concentration (Management).

Our program will provide opportunities for individual who cannot travel to campus to pursue such a degree. Further, the unique technology flavor of this degree should result in an educational experience not possible in any of these other programs.

Program Options

Weekday Option

The course schedule for the MBA is designed primarily to accommodate working professionals. Full-time study may be pursued by students and be complete in three semesters. Most of the courses are scheduled in the evening. Students may enter in the fall or spring semester.

Online Option

To accommodate the working professional who is unable to travel to campus to take coursework, all courses in the MBA program are also offered online via the world-wide-web in an asynchronous mode. The School of Business uses the SUNY Learning Network for its course management and technical support. Students are able to work on their classes with a great deal of flexibility and within the confines of their personal circumstances.

Admissions Criteria

Students from four-year programs that have earned a bachelor’s degree will typically have no prerequisite foundation coursework. Other students will be required to complete an appropriate four-year degree to be prepared for graduate studies. Admitted students will consult with the MBA Program Coordinator to determine appropriate action.

Admissions Guidelines

Scores from the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) will follow the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) recommended guideline: A total of 1000 points based on 200 x undergraduate GPA + GMAT score.

MBA Program Guidelines

  1. Online courses are reserved for students living more than 50 miles from campus. Students who select the on-campus mode will be required to take all classes on-campus except for a maximum of two classes that may be taken online. Students who select the online mode will be required to take all classes online except for a maximum of two classes that may be taken on campus.
  2. All students must undergo an on-campus residency requirement prior to graduation from the program. For online students, the residency requirement will be part of the TIM 685 capstone experience, and will require students to come to campus for one weekend for testing, seminars, oral interview, and group presentations. The weekend dates and times will be set toward the end of the semester by the faculty teaching TIM 685. The purpose of the campus residency is to ensure program quality and integrity, and to help fulfill assessment functions related to oral, interpersonal, and presentation skills.


There are a total of 48 credit hours in the MBA program. They are distributed as follows:

Technology Management Core Courses 18 credit hours
Business Management Core Courses 21 credit hours
Specialized Concentration Courses 9 credit hours


Technology Core Courses

TIM 500 Project Management 3
TIM 530 Managing New Product Design & Development 3
BLW 570 Business Law, Ethics, & Intellectual Property Rights 3
MIS 615 E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship 3
TIM 585 Cases in Technology and Innovation Management 3
TIM 685 Strategic Planning 3
Total Technology Management Core Courses 18

Business Management Core Courses

ACC 520 Accounting for Managers 3
HRM 518 Human Resource Management 3
MIS 515 Management Information Systems 3
MKT 505 Marketing Management 3
BUS 505 Multinational Economics of Technology 3
FIN 525 Financial Management Problems  
MBS 511 Quantitative Business Analysis  
Total Business Management Core Courses 21

Students must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 for all graduate courses included in their program. No more than two “C” grades, regardless of overall grade point average, will be counted toward graduation.

Students may transfer up to four classes (12 credit hours), if applicable, from a graduate or MBS program at another university.

FAST TRACK MBA in Technology Management

The Fast Track MBA is designed for students who have an undergraduate business degree with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher from an accredited business program. Student admitted into the Fast Track MBA will be granted course waivers (15 hours) for the following Business Core foundation courses: ACC 520, BUS 505, FIN 525, HRM 518 and MKT 505. The Fast Track option allows full-time MBA students with an undergraduate business degree to complete the MBA in Technology Management degree program in a calendar year.

Students may transfer up to two classes (6 credit hours), if applicable, from a graduate or MBA program at another university.

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