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Mission Statement

The School of Business & Liberal Arts is committed to educating students that will provide them with the competencies of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that are significant to the understanding and application for success in the workplace. Students receive individual advisement and a broad range of academic experiences such as group projects, internships, and independent study. The faculty takes on the challenge of promoting lifelong learners who will lead industrious and rewarding professions.

School Goals

  1. Offer programs in business and public service that prepare students to enter rewarding and challenging careers and continue their education.
  2. Contribute to SUNY Canton’s General Education Program by offering courses in economics and when appropriate, reinforcing the general education learning objectives in applied courses.
  3. Contribute to a community that encourages intellectual, ethical and cultural growth; develops leadership skills; fosters creativity; promotes an appreciation of a multicultural society; and advocates individual physical and emotional well-being.
  4. Promote and support excellence and innovation in learning and teaching, advancement of scholarship and research, and encourage continuous curricular evolution with the integration of technology in the educational experience.
  5. Generate greater visibility for the school’s programs, faculty and students.

Student Reading in the Roselle Academic Plaza