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Resources for Disabled Students

Two big issues for people with disabilities are disclosure and accommodation.

Disclosure: sharing with an employer the nature of your disability.
Accommodation: the tools or resources you need to be able to do a particular job.

When to Disclose

Look at the job description and evaluate whether your disability...

  • …will not affect the job – You may choose not to disclose
  • …may affect the job – Discuss the details of the job in interview
  • …will affect the job – Disclose AND suggest accommodations
  • …prevents you from doing the job even with accommodations – Do not apply

Obvious Disabilities

Regardless of your ability to do the job, be prepared to discuss a visible disability. Be forthright, confident and professional and explain how it will or won’t affect work and possibly how you address your disability in a team. Prepare what you are going to say.

Sample Script

“I have (preferred term for disability). After reviewing the job description, I have the experience and ability to be successful. In order to be successful I would need (specific accommodations you need). I know I would make a positive contribution to (name of company) and look forward to showing you."

Boards or Civil Service Exams

You can get accommodations for taking these exams. Talk to the Director of Accommodative Services for assistance.

More Information

Jan: Job Accommodation Network

Job Accommodation Network provides information about the ADA and accommodations including a searchable database of accommodations.

Even More Info


Disability.gov information beyond careers to rights, housing, education, and more…including careers.

Job Center

Career Gateway

CareerGateway is a job search site where companies specifically looking to hire people with disabilities post jobs.  Registration is free.

More print resources are available in Career Services. You can also make an appointment to talk to a Career Coach about your career by calling Career Services at (315) 386-7119 or emailing careers@canton.edu.

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