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Choices & Changes

Effective Lessons for All School Teachers of Personal Finance, Business, Economics, and Mathematics.

May 7th, 2010
Campus Center 218
SUNY Canton
Coordinator: Marcellina Hamilton


Welcome - Linda Pellet, Interim Provost

Economic Education on the WebChoices & Changes PPT

Lesson I - Exchanging Goods and Services
Lesson II - You in the Economy
Lesson III - Using Human Capital
Lesson IV - Economic Choices
Lesson V - Choices Based on Preferences
Lesson VI - Making Choices
Lesson VII - Impact on Others
Lesson VIII - Choices Make a Difference
Lesson IX - Choices and Consequences
Lesson X - What Influences Choices
Lesson XI - Bearing Others Choices
Lesson XII - Making Good Choices

Convocation, Athletic, and Recreation Center (CARC) Tour
Distribution of Certificates

This workshop was sponsored by the Canton Center for Economic
Education with the support of SUNY Canton.


Daley, Beth Hermon-Dekalb CSD
Keating-Malark, Tammy Northern Adirondack CSD
Keating, Roger Brushton-Moira CSD
Vincent, Stacey Malone CSD
Wilson, Tresa Madrid-Waddington CSD


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