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Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems - B. Tech

The FUTURE of Energy: Innovative New Technologies

Research and learn alternative and renewable energy technologies focusing on practical energy conversion to meet the constantly evolving demand for sustainable development. Students research solutions that will replace conventional energy systems. Each student’s research has the potential to help solve the global energy problem.

SUNY Canton is one of five IREC accredited training providers for Solar Heating Installation in the country and one of twenty-five IREC accredited training providers for PV Installation Professionals in the country.

IRECIREC accreditation is only for the solar thermal and solar PV programs.

Students installing solar panels

"If you can explain why there is pollution in the world, you should be a student in this program."

— Michael J. Newtown, ARES Director

Great Career Opportunities

Qualified graduates from this program stand to be in a prime position for high-demand careers around the world.

Examples of Alternative Energy Systems

  • Wind turbine or wind power
  • Hydro-electric
  • Fuel cell technologies
  • Geothermal power
  • Solar power
  • Biofuel and biodiesel applications

Who’s Enrolling?

About 50 percent of current students joined the program because they are interested in conserving the environment and natural resources.

The other half of ARES students wanted to apply their technical backgrounds to the emerging global market in renewable energy technologies.


Green Light for Green Standards

Recent state and federal laws are creating a need for trained professionals to meet “green” standards in buildings. According to industry professionals and noted educational leaders, this will spur a growing demand for qualified technologists to work hand-in-hand with engineers to bring the practical applications of alternative energy to life.

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Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems
Michael Newtown
Interim Dean CSOET

Fall Enrollment Trends
  FT PT Total
2015 20 0 20
2014 26 1 27
2013 21 1 22
2012 37 2 39
2011 53 0 53

Graduation Rate Trends*
Cohort Entering Cohort Size %
Fall 2009 16 31%
Fall 2008 3 0%
Fall 2007 10 40%
Fall 2006 4 50%
Fall 2005 - -

*Graduate rates are based on first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen entering in fall and graduating within 150% of time.

Degrees Conferred
2014-15 9
2013-14 5
2012-13 12
2011-12 8
2010-11 16