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The ARES Program is lead by Assistant Professors Michael Newtown and Matthew Bullwinkel. Mr. Bullwinkel oversees the college’s growing biodiesel research laboratories, which lets students blend leftover cooking oil from the campus eateries with ordinary diesel fuel to produce a cost effective, environmentally friendlier blend of fuel.

Mike Newtown

Michael J. Newtown

I’m Mike Newtown. I graduated from SUNY Canton in 1984 with an AAS from the Mechanical Engineering Technology program. Next, I went to Rochester Institute of Technology for a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. After graduation, I served in the U.S. Army for five years. While on active duty, I earned the rank of Captain. I am qualified to jump out of a perfectly good airplane while in flight, Airborne All the Way. Parachuting is great! Everyone should try it. I have earned a Master Degree from Clarkson University in Engineering and Global Operation Management. Currently, I am working on a Ph.D. in Fluids Mechanics and Heat Transfer. My dissertation topic is Surface Water Heat Pumps effects on water conditions in the winter. I actually enjoy heat transfer and get excited by a frosty windshield that the car heater is trying to defrost. I know, that is not normal, but I am a professional engineer. As a professional engineer I am entitled to be dreaming of the physical side of nature and engineering.

I have worked for PEKO Precision, Inc. in Rochester, NY developing conveyor systems for Rochester Products, General Motors. I have designed custom cabinets and countertops for Interiors North, a millwork shop in St. Lawrence County. I even worked for the Boy Scouts of America for two years. After all this playing around with scouting, I decided that I wanted to be involved in engineering projects again. So, I saw an adjunct job here at Canton and have been here since 1999. My interest in engineering technology has changed greatly from manufacturing to energy related issues. I have taught courses for Engineering Science, HVAC, Mechanical, Heating and Plumbing for the past eight years. While working at Canton, I have become well versed in designing, understanding and building systems, which led to my interest in alternative energy. I enjoy geothermal systems the most as it is all heat transfer, but have taught Photovoltaic system design and teach Building Performance to local contractors.

I enjoy working with all my students, because every minute of every day there is some different topic related to engineering. My students drive me to stay well versed in my engineering skills, for that I thank them. Family is my most enjoyable part of my life. I am married to the kindest woman and have two college aged children who always make me happy to go home at the end of the day.

Matthew Bullwinkel

Matt Bullwinkel

My name is Matt Bullwinkel. I have worked in many interesting and different fields in my career so far. It gives you an idea of the variety of paths your own career might take as Engineering Technologist or Engineer!

I received my B.S. in Chemical Engineering from UMASS Amherst. After that, I studied Environmental Engineering and received a Master's Degree in Water and Wastewater Treatment. I worked on a process called dissolved air flotation in which tiny air bubbles are released into water (similar to bubbles forming by opening a soda can). The bubbles attach to impurities which float to the top and are skimmed off. It was neat to travel around the country and test out this process in various plants including one in Newton Falls.

I wanted to understand more about the chemistry of this process so I went to graduate school. I ended up studying for a Ph.D. in polymer processing at Clarkson University. Later I worked on extrusion, injection molding, and then blown film which is used to make all sorts of things including garbage bags and cereal bags (right; the ones that rip apart when you try to open them at the top!) We did pilot plant experiments and computer modeling to try to better understand how the processes work and better products can be developed.

I later worked for a local company called Community Energy Services. We performed energy audits for New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. We worked with single family homes, small businesses, and large multifamily housing projects to develop ways to save property owners money on energy costs.

I have taught Physics, Engineering Science, Materials Science, Computers, Instrumentation and Control and some of the new Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems and Facilities Management programs. I am very excited to be a part of the ARES program at SUNY Canton. First because I believe it is a really important field (just check out gas prices!) and second because this fast-growing field will offer lots of opportunities for our graduates. Although the field may be called Alternative Energy, I strongly believe that there is no alternative to applying sound science, engineering, math and economics principles as we try to advance the applications of renewable fuels. I really like the combination of hands-on and theoretical approaches that we can offer to students.

Currently I am part of research team to develop a feasibility model for Anaerobic Digesters and one of my classes is part of this study to look at a digester at a local facility. We also have a small pilot plant biodiesel processor. Last year a student and I started investigating ways to utilize the by-products of this process. In addition to the Solar Boat team, SUNY Canton is also host to the North Country Sustainable Energy Fair which had over a 1,500 attendees last Spring.

My wife and I have three kids in our family including a three year old who keeps us pretty busy. We are also in a band that plays for contradances and ballroom dancing so bring your dancing shoes!


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Michael Newtown