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Student Projects

Students in Powersports Performance and Repair are encouraged to work on relevant live repair projects. These projects can range from routine maintenance operations to a complete engine overhaul, with balancing, blue printing and other performance enhancements. It all depends on your drive and motivation! Check out some of the work that Powersports students have performed.

Two Harley Davidson motorcycles

What's so special about a '58 Pan Head? It's the first year Harley-Davidson used a rear swing arm suspension on their big twin models. This '58 FLH was found in a barn in Russell, NY, and is being restored for its owner by Canton College Powersports students, Travis Mousaw and Brian Tulip, both friends of the owner.

Four Wheeler

John Sexton and Evan Thomas have partially disassembled their Honda CR 250R engine. The engine will be receiving a 305 cc big bore kit and a new connecting rod assembly. All machining and assembly will be done in-house by John and Evan.

Triumph restoration

The '58 Pan Head project of Brian and Travis begins some 30 years after it was last registered for the road. Pan Heads are some of the most sought after and prized antique motorcycles on the market today. This Pan's nickname was "The Gray Lady." It sure will be nice to see Brian and Travis put her back into the wind.

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