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Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair - Student Learning Outcomes

ACM&R Student Learning Outcomes (curriculum 1387)

Students who complete the certificate program in Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair will be prepared for entry level work as an installer or technician in the air conditioning and refrigeration field.

  • Safely handle refrigerants complying w/ all EPA and DOT laws and regulations.
  • Perform entry level service and installation skills representative of the ACM&R field.
  • Work with others in a collaborative way to accomplish a common task.
  • Utilize knowledge of basic ACM&R practices and standards.
  • Perform basic cooling load calculations for residential installations.
  • Utilize Refrigeration gauge sets, digital multimeters, ammeters, and other diagnostic tools for troubleshooting equipment

Air Conditioning Engineering Technology
Stanley Skowronek
Curriculum Coordinator