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Hearing Board Appeal Form

All students who wish to file a letter of appeal regarding a sanction given by a hearing board must complete this form. Any appeals submitted without using this form will NOT be considered.

Please be sure that you are sending your appeal to the appropriate board - if you are unsure which board you were in front of, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 315-386-7120. Confirmation of receipt of your appeal will be sent to your SUNY Canton email address.

The appeal must be submitted within four (4) class days of receipt of sanction letter or it will not be considered.

Please fill out all of the fields.

Personal Information

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Reason for Appeal

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(Please note: Your appeal must meet one of the following criteria in order to be considered.)

A procedural error occurred during the process, which had a direct impact on the finding.

New information has come to light, which has a direct impact on the finding.

The finding or sanction imposed is unfair or inappropriate.

Specific, Detailed Reason for Appeal:

Please list the specific, detailed reasons for your appeal below.
(Please note: In your appeal, you must include specific details regarding the “Reason for Appeal” that you checked in the box above.)