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Student Leadership Institute

At SUNY Canton, students will be given the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and learn how to become more involved members in their communities.  Through the Student Leadership Institute, students will learn valuable leadership skills such as recruitment, budget management, goal setting, civic engagement, organization, and time management.

The Student Leadership Institute will offer monthly training and development opportunities for student leaders, as well as hands-on activities that will enhance their leadership skills. 

All Student Leadership Institute workshops will take place on Friday unless otherwise noted.  Each session will be limited to 25 people in order to create a more manageable working environment.  Sign-ups will be available in the Office of the Dean of Students during the course of the semester.

Tentative Schedule for Fall 2012-Spring 2013 Student Leadership Institute Workshops

(schedule, location, and information subject to change)



Brief overview

September 7

Start Up!

Recruitment, networking, setting goals/budget, getting involved on campus, and an understanding of SGA

October 19

Civic Engagement & Giving Back

Community service, giving back
to campus and community, voting (being an engaged citizen), volunteering

November 9

Social Justice & Civility

Learning how to work well with
others, CARE initiative , pair with Hunger Awareness Week

February 8

Communication & Social Networking

Email/social networking communication,
communicating in person, mentoring, dealing with difficult personalities

March 15

Resume Building/Career Devel.

How to make the most of your resume, showcasing your student leadership experience

April 19

Training Tomorrow's Leaders

Delegation, mentoring, training the future leaders of your organization

April 30: 5-8 p.m.

Etiquette Dinner

Understanding basic etiquette while having a wonderful dinner!