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The college issues refunds to students and parents when the amount paid on the student account exceeds the charges incurred.

Financial aid refunds begin to be issued the 4th week of classes each semester after federal financial aid funds have been received and processed. Refunds from New York State aid are typically not available until week 6-8 of classes due to the lengthy certification process.

Students will receive an email notifying them when financial aid has been paid to their account and a separate email when a refund check is ready.

Student Refunds:  Checks will no longer be distributed on-campus!  Refunds are sent electronically to HigherOne on Thursdays and distributed based on the schedule for the distribution method you choose (pending any technical difficulties).  Your choices are a debit card, direct deposit, or paper check by mail.  Failure to select your choice will result in a delay of your refund up to 21 days.

Parent Refunds: Issued by paper check only.  There is currently no electronic option for parents.  Parent loan refund checks are mailed on Fridays.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Student Service Center for assistance.


(September 2013)


We are launching a new refund service through HigherOne for students that allows you choose from the following options:

  • Direct Deposit (into your Checking or Savings Account)
  • My One Debit Mastercard (prepaid debit card not a credit card)
  • Paper Check by mail

Checks will no longer be distributed on-campus! You are required to activate your account with HigherOne to receive your refund timely.



  1. You will receive a bright green envelope in the mail with the new HigherOne My One Debit Mastercard. 
  2. Follow the instructions in that envelope to authenticate your account with HigherOne.  Your account number is on the card in the bright green envelope.  
  3. You must also choose the method of delivery for your refund.  Your choices are:

    __ My One Debit Mastercard by HigherOne (refund available Thursday afternoon)
    __ Direct Deposit to your bank account (refund available in 2-3 business days, as
              early as Friday depending on the processing time at your bank)
    __ Paper Check (refund check sent by mail in 5-7 business days from HigherOne)
  4. Refunds are sent electronically by SUNY Canton to HigherOne on Thursdays and are expected to be distributed on schedule pending any technical difficulties.

Failure to activate your HigherOne account will result in a delay of your refund for up to 21 days.  If you still haven't activated your account after the 21 days have passed, then you will be sent a paper refund check by mail.