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The Role of Scholarships

Education and success go hand-in-hand. But what if a deserving student is denied the opportunity? How can we measure what is lost? How many talented and caring teachers, scientists, artists, or entrepreneurs have been denied the chance to reach their full potential? They're resigned to a life time of what might have been.

SUNY Canton is committed to keeping its distinctive education affordable. Nearly 85% of Canton students demonstrate financial need and receive some form of aid. The average Canton student receives over $4,500 in financial aid assistance.

Your Scholarship Is ...

... An investment in a young person's future, enabling talented and deserving students to gain the distinctive, lifelong benefits of a SUNY Canton education.

... An investment in society's future, because at SUNY Canton, our graduates acquire the combination of knowledge, abilities, outlook and values that will be required of tomorrow's leaders.

... An investment in the college's future, helping us keep SUNY Canton affordable for upcoming generations of students without sacrificing our traditional high level of quality in instruction and academic programs.

... Enduring, because endowment provides and inexhaustible source of funding for future scholarship awards.

... Personally rewarding, through opportunities to name your award in honor or memory of someone and to build a connection with student recipients.

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