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Ways to Give

A variety of giving opportunities are available to alumni and friends of SUNY Canton. While each type may offer different tax or estate-planning advantages, the greatest benefit of any gift is the positive impact it has on our students.


The most common form of giving, tax deductible cash gifts, are as easy to make as writing a check to the Canton College Foundation. Every Dollar you give outright to SUNY Canton is tax-deductible, and cash gifts are vital,since they are immediately available to assist deserving students or programs.

You can send a check by mail to SUNY Canton, 34 Cornell Drive, Canton, NY 13617 or in a return envelope from any of our recent mailings.

Gifts of Stocks or Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities are tax-deductible at full market value. They also relieve the donor from long-term capital gains tax on the appreciation. This double tax savings makes it possible for a significant gift to be made at a remarkably low after-tax cost. Appreciated securities often represent the most economical way to contribute during one's lifetime.

Gifts of Personal Property

Many other types of personal property, including antiques, artwork, books, collectibles, historical collections, patents and copyrights, etc., may make excellent charitable gifts to SUNY Canton. and generate tax decisions equal to their full market value. Gifts of personal property of $5,000 or more require a certified appraisal to establish the value of the gift.

Deferred Gifts

These gifts allow the donor to receive important tax benefits today and provide for the College to receive a significant in the future.

Small logo You may wish to follow this link to Planned Giving for more information on other Ways to Give.


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