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Gateway to Success

This program is designed to assist students who need some preparatory coursework in order to be admitted to their program of choice. It is intended to help students adapt to college level work within a supportive structure so that they can move on to their program of choice and to graduation. 

Who's in charge of your college success?  YOU ARE!

Information for Students

Important Semester Dates:

Orientation: Aug 22 Welcome dinner with your mentor and instructors

Orientation: Aug 23  

Meet your Dean and Academic Advisor

Monday, Aug 26 - Friday, Sept 6

Attend a Scheduled Individual Meeting with Gateway Mentor

Friday, Sept 6

Meeting with Gateway Mentor

Friday, Sept 20

Meeting with Gateway Mentor
Friday Oct 4 Meeting with Gateway Mentor

Monday, Oct 14 - Tuesday Oct 15


Friday, Oct 18

Meeting with Gateway Mentor: MID-TERM GRADES AVAILABLE
Monday Oct. 28 - Friday, Nov 1 Meeting with Gateway Mentor: ADVISING WEEK

Monday, Nov 4

Pre-scheduling begins

Friday, Nov 15

Meeting with Gateway Mentor

Tuesday, Nov 26

Residence Halls Close at 5pm for Thanksgiving Break

Wed, Nov 27 – Sun, Dec 1


Friday, Dec 6

Meeting with Gateway Mentor

Friday, Dec 6


Instruction Ends

Monday, Dec 9 - Friday, Dec 14

Finals Exam week


Mentor Contact Information:

Computer Information Systems Dr. Eric Cheng 315-379-3904 cheng@canton.edu
Early Childhood Ms. Christina Martin 315-386-3868 martinc@canton.edu
Graphic & Multimedia Design Dr. Christopher Sweeney 315-386-7424 sweeneyc@canton.edu
Liberal Arts: General Studies Ms. Marianne DiMarco-Temkin 315-379-3954 dimarcotemkinm@canton.edu
Sport Management Dr. Diane Para 315-386-7017 parad@canton.edu



Gateway to Success
221 Miller Campus Center
Canton, NY 13617