Golden Key

Membership Benefits

For specifics of society-wide benefits, look here.


  • Over $500,000 awarded annually in undergraduate and graduate scholarships
  • Scholarship programs in the visual arts, the performing arts, writing, research, service, and more
  • Local chapter and society scholarships

Member Discounts

  • Exclusive discounts and promotions through corporate partners.
  • 10% Discount on Kaplan (You may take courses at any location, but you must come in person to the Ithaca Center to sign up.)

Post-graduate Benefits

  • Eligible for select Golden Key scholarships including the $10,000 Scholar Awards for post-graduate study
  • Opportunity for involvement in alumni chapters
  • Active Golden Key members have the opportunity to buy an honor cord to wear at graduation; the most active Golden Key members are given an honor cord by the Cornell Chapter.

Academic Recognition

  • Recognition by an international honors organization
  • Induction ceremony and reception honoring new members
  • Personalized membership certificate and press release announcement
  • Graduation honor cords, stoles, pins and pendants available

Leadership and Community Service Opportunities

  • Local, regional and international community service programs
  • International conventions and regional conferences
  • Local, regional and international leadership positions
  • Golden Key is rife with leadership possibilities, including positions on the Golden Key executive board, which is newly elected each year.
  • This year, Golden Key is creating a program where Golden Key will help its members to design and lead their own service projects.
  • Golden Key is a partner with America’s Promise, Teach for America, Make a Difference Day, and other community service organizations.


  • Strengthens and enhances your resume
  • Promotes distinction as a scholar and as a high achiever
  • Assists with graduate applications and career placement

Career Assistance

  • Exclusive internship and employment opportunities through Golden Key's corporate affiliates
  • Golden Key online career center provides tools to assist in your job search
  • Members are recognized and rewarded by hundreds of major companies around the world, including the Bank of America, Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Gateway, General Mills, MBNA America, Merck & Co., Inc., and Shell.
  • Members are preferentially hired by these companies over non-Golden Key members, and, when one of these companies needs to fill a position, Golden Key members are searched for as potential applicants.
  • Members are offered exclusive internship and employment opportunities through Golden Key’s global affiliates.

"Ford Motor Company is proud to be a corporate partner with Golden Key. The spirit and dedication of the Society's members build the fundamental leadership values essential to rewarding personal lives and career successes. This is one of the reason we target Golden Key members in our recruitment." -David Morgan, Ford Motor Company

Networking: Nationally and Internationally

  • 375+ chapters in Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Bahamas and the United States
  • Nearly two million members from 151 countries
  • Network of high achievers, accomplished university faculty and staff, and global corporations
  • Access to Golden Key's international chapter directory and online alumni directory
  • The Cornell Chapter has over 50 honorary members chosen from professors and administrators at Cornell. Many of these honorary members attend the social, academic, and service events of the chapter.
  • Many Golden Key honorary members reward Golden Key members by giving them preferential treatment when it comes to accepting them into research labs.
  • The Cornell Chapter brings together members with very different backgrounds and ideas to work together towards a common goal of service and leadership.
  • Golden Key has a membership network of 1.5 million high achievers, accomplished university faculty and staff, and business leaders.
  • Golden Key members have access to Golden Key’s international chapter directory and online alumni directory.


  • CONCEPTS annual magazine
  • Rewarding Excellence E-dition electronic newsletter



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