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Green Canton

Creating Usable Goods From Consumer Waste

by Evan Johnson

As we progress into the future, the goods which we so generously throw away have the potential to become new products. Many times these products cost less than making similar products from virgin materials. If we look at the land-fills as giant stores of used goods, the 243 million tones of municipal solid waste produced each year is a staggeringly huge piggy bank of possibilities.

300 million tires are discarded annually in the US

  • Each tire can produce at least 2 pair of sandals
  • That  equals 600 million pairs of sandals
  • That’s equal to give every user of face book in the world a pair
  • or 10 % of the population


Americans Throw Away 1,500 Aluminum Cans per Second

  • each can will make 4 business cards
  • this is the potential of 6,000 business cards per second
  • or 1.9 x 10 ^11 cards per year
  • if put end to end the cards would go around the world 400 times
  • the cards are unique and durable
  • the cards remain recyclable