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Davis Health Center Quality Improvement Program

The Student Health Center seeks to maintain an active, integrated, organized, peer-based quality improvement (QI) program. The program is utilized to address clinical, administrative, and cost of care performance issues, as well as actual student outcomes.

The Health Center also does an annual assessment of goals, objectives and outcomes that also provide input and guidance for our department.

QI studies for 2013-2014

Spring 2014

Administrative QI Benchmark Study Offer of HIV Testing

On September 1, 2010, New York State enacted a law designed to get more of its citizens screened and treated for HIV infection. Certain medical facilities, including Student Health Centers, must offer confidential HIV testing to all patients who visit the clinic and are between the ages of 13 and 64 years.  Documentation of the offer must be kept in the patient’s chart.  The purpose of this study is to assess compliance with this law among the member clinics of the SUNY Health Council. 

Outcomes: Results Pending.

College Influenza Vaccination Benchmark Survey
2013-14 Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommend that all healthcare workers receive an annual influenza vaccination.  The CDC has estimated that the overall healthcare professional influenza vaccine coverage for the 2012-13 season was 72%. Participating schools are asked to provide information on vaccine receipt or declination form completion on all staff members who have contact with students at their health service. This survey was open to members of SUNY Health Service Council and New York State College Health Association members.


  • Our Health Center has polices in place on employee vaccination for influenza and does use a declination form. These policies also apply to work study or student assistants that work in the Davis Health Center. Reviewed current policies.
  • The Health Center had a 100% compliance with vaccination (11 staff) which exceeded the average 84.6% of staff members vaccinated in the study (30 health centers participated)

Fall 2013

Treatment of Acute Streptococcal Pharyngitis

The ACP, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the CDC have endorsed recommendations for the evaluation and treatment of streptococcal pharyngitis.1 They make use of a Centor scoring like system to determine use of cultures and whether or not to treat with antibiotics. A retrospective study was done to determine how clinicians were diagnosis and treating patients with pharyngitis. This study was in collaboration with SUNY Potsdam and St. Lawrence University.

  • Centor Score of 2 or 3 we should be doing a Rapid Antigen Detection Test (RADT) or culture. Treat only positives. If there is a concurrent problem coexisting make sure it is documented.
  • Centor Score of 4 should receive antibiotic and do not require testing.
  • Strongly recommend avoiding the use of Levaquin in treating pharyngitis/tonsillitis. It is not recommended by guidelines and is an inappropriate choice
  • Clindamycin is now being more widely used and a recommended alternative for PCN allergic as Azithromycin resistance is becoming more common.
  • Consider a prospective study with threshold after review of the treatment of acute pharyngitis based on clinical guidelines of ACP/AAFP/CDC.

Emergency Cart Supplies

To determine how the SUNY Canton Health Center emergency supplies compare to the SUNY Heath Council benchmark survey of Student Health Center at SUNY institutions and if any changes should be made in our emergency supplies


  • The Health Center’s current emergency supply equipment was very much in agreement with the majority of the SUNY Health Centers.
  • In reviewing our equipment a new ambu bag was purchased to replace an older one. It was also relocated to be available with the oxygen tank
  • Distribute and review results with the clinic primary care providers.
  • The results were forwarded to our Dean of Students for review and signature.

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