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Alexander Royce | Class of 2016

Alexander RoyceHometown: Lisbon, NY

Major: Information Technology (Bachelor's degree)

College Involvement: President's List, Private Tutor, Note-taking Service Provider

Additional Activities: The professors around campus have encouraged me to make the best out of my education. I’m very active around campus, providing assistance to other students. I’ve spent most of my time in recent years trying to improve myself in my field of study. I’m actively working on many side projects, related to my major. Some of my side projects include developing mobile applications, creating websites, and programming small utilities. It’s very educational to work on those projects because they’re expanding the information taught by the university. Most of my applications are designed with a creative sense of mind because I have experience as a graphic designer and photographer. Our society functions around media and technology.

Career Goals: Technology is the most important advance in the world. Every year, it impacts our entire society. We’re living in a period of time in which advances are only restricted by our imagination. My ambition is to get the education required to grab ahold of those floating opportunities. I’ll be applying for a Master’s degree program, but quite possibility attempt a PhD. It will grant me proper research experience, which I’d love to spend time doing. I want to help advance breakthrough technology and many universities supply the funding for graduates.

Areas of Interest: I’m interested in a few different areas of my field. The most attractable are Software Development, Augmented Reality, Database Administration, and Information Security. Software Development brings out limitless opportunities for a creative mind. Augmented Reality is the future of the world, I believe that it will make a huge impact. Database Administration can constantly be improved, providing greater results; it involves continuous change and security expansion. Information Security is a very active area because there are millions of computer users; I would be more interested in server-side relations.

Reasons for Being in Honors Program: My professor requested me to enter the program in order to be granted better educational opportunities. After researching the program, I gathered that it would be a great choice. The program is designed to expand our experience by offering project presentations. We are expected to do a proper research project and present it towards the end of the semester. This gave me a rare chance to improve my public speaking skills and educate people on my side-projects. The program will be a tremendous help toward my career goals.

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