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Madisen Hetman | Class of 2017

Madisen HetmanHometown: Troy, NY

Major: Civil and Environmental Technology

Minor: Mathematics

College Involvement: Women’s Ice Hockey

Additional Activities: I love being outdoors. Hunting and fly-fishing are two of my biggest hobbies. I also enjoy tying my own flies for fishing. At home I enjoy coaching with North American Hockey Systems where I was a “hockey student” for about 5 years.

Career Goals: In the future I plan on receiving a masters degree in either Civil or Environmental Engineering, in hopes that one day I can find a way to help preserve our wildlife reservations as well as maintain our watersheds to help improve the lives of our wild game animals.

Areas of Interest: My love for the outdoors brought me to want to major in Environmental engineering. I want to be able to be a part of our environment’s future in a positive way so future generations can continue to love and explore the outdoors in its natural state. On the contradictory side, structural analysis and architecture amaze me, hence the Civil Engineering Major. To find a way to preserve our wildlife and also preserve the amazing infrastructure all around the world is my goal.

Reasons for Being in Honors Program: I joined the honors program to challenge myself. I was not always the best student before college, but now attending SUNY Canton and studying something that interests me so much I just want to keep pushing myself to become that much better and well educated. The honors program is the extra push I need to maintain my grades as well as become more involved with the community at SUNY Canton both academically and on more of a community service based level.


Honors Program Director
Nicole Heldt

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