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Positions at the college are separated into two general categories; the "classified service" comprised of various campus support positions, many of which require completion of a civil service examination, and the "unclassified service" made up of teaching faculty, administrators and professional staff, which usually require advanced degrees and experience in the appropriate field. Positions in the classified service are filled after canvassing of civil service "eligible lists", if applicable, and interviews with supervisory staff in the department. Positions in the unclassified service are filled after regional or national searches and a review by a broad based search committee.

Information about job vacancies at the college are available in the Human Resources Office, are posted throughout the campus and on our web site, are listed with the NYS Department of Labor, and routinely are advertised widely. Information about other state jobs is also available at the Department of Labor and at the NYS Employee Resource Information Center.

Information regarding campus crime statistics is available from University Police.


How to Apply for a Position

When you find a job announcement that interests you, read it carefully to find out if you meet the minimum qualifications. If you are qualified, submit an application or other documents requested in the job advertisement to the address noted, usually the Human Resources Office.

For positions in the classified civil service, an examination fee may also be required. Your application will be reviewed by the NYS Department of Civil Service to make sure you are eligible to take the test; you will be notified by mail if you have been approved. Written tests are usually held on Saturdays at more than 30 test centers across the state. After the exams have been scored, eligible lists are established, ranking candidates by test score. Eligible lists are then sent to state agencies when they have job openings.

Some examinations are given only periodically, others are given on an almost continuous basis. For a further description of the examination process for some classified service positions contact the NYS Department of Civil Service.

Some positions do not require a civil service examination. For positions such as Cleaner, Janitor, Electrician, Groundsworker, Painter and other "building or maintenance trades", apply directly to the Human Resources Office at the college, or other state agency.

Search and Selection Process for Faculty and Professional Staff

Recruitment is centralized within the Human Resources Office. Each professional position is evaluated for appropriateness and job relatedness of its academic, experience and skill requirements, and for the scope of recruitment required (regional, national, etc.). Substitution of non-traditional preparation is provided for whenever possible. The Human Resources Office, in consultation with the search committee chairperson or department head, establishes the recruitment plan, giving attention to any applicable goals for minorities and women in determining the most effective recruitment process.

Advertising copy is developed by the search committee and reviewed by the Director of Human Resources. All vacancy advertisements are free from race, sex, or age preferences or qualifications and are not placed in sex segregated listings. The phrase "Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer" or similar reference appears within each ad. Display advertisements also include the statement: "SUNY Canton is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer with an increasing commitment to diversity in our faculty, staff and student body. We encourage applications from women and persons of color". The cost of advertising is charged to an affirmative action account administered by the Affirmative Action Officer. Except for those positions which may be filled by internal promotion, all professional vacancies are advertised at least locally. Permanent vacancies are more broadly advertised, usually nationally.

Vacancy announcements are posted on campus and distributed to all the SUNY campuses via the University's professional vacancy announcement system. The college's recruitment mailing lists include the local four-college consortium, local colleges, colleges and universities which have substantial numbers of female and minority graduate students, many professional and community action oriented organizations and groups representing women and minority interests, and general professional organizations. In addition, specific professional associations and departments of graduate schools are informed of vacancies in their disciplines. Faculty and staff are encouraged to identify institutions, organizations or individuals who should be informed of position vacancies. The New York State Job Service is also notified, and places the college's professional vacancies on its state-wide job bank and interstate network.

In addition, unsolicited resumes and resumes of recent applicants are reviewed, and the resumes of those who might qualify for a position vacancy are sent to the search committee for their consideration.

Adequate lead time is requested of any functional area anticipating a position vacancy. With a minimum of three months, advertisements can generally be placed in professional journals and magazines as well as in high circulation and local area newspapers. Special attention should be given to utilizing such publications whenever the position vacancy is in an underutilized occupational category. Five weeks lead time is required for the SUNY vacancy distribution system. Action should be taken as early as possible to expedite the advertising and announcement distribution process to give potential candidates sufficient time to apply.

Reimbursement of travel expenses to candidates for professional vacancies is available upon the authorization of the appropriate vice president. Candidates should be informed about reimbursement when invited for an interview. Further details are contained in Sec. 401.2-7 of the Policies and Procedures Manual

Probationary Periods

All employees serve an initial probationary period before their appointment becomes permanent. Depending upon bargaining unit affiliation, different rules and time periods may apply. The probationary period is used to insure that the skills, abilities, work attitudes and job knowledge anticipated in the selection process are realized. Should expectations not be realized during the probationary period, employment may terminated.

Performance Programs

All employees are covered by a performance appraisal program, the nature and guidelines are unique to each bargaining unit. Generally, each employee meets with their supervisor, at least annually, to discuss performance expectations and responsibilities. A set of objectives for the year is set, comprising a "performance program". Evaluation of performance is then measured against the pre-set performance objectives.

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is an on-going process in which the supervisor "coaches" subordinate employees on how well they are meeting performance expectations. The process begins with the development of a performance program which outlines the major requirements and objectives of the job. Throughout the performance period, the supervisor should advise subordinates how well they are performing and coach those who are not meeting expectations on how they may improve. At the end of the performance period, the supervisor must prepare a formal evaluation and meet with the subordinate to discuss the quality of performance.

A specific process and format to be used in the appraisal process has been developed for each of the separate bargaining units. Specific guidelines are available from the Human Resources Office and are more clearly described in each of the collective bargaining agreements.

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