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Payroll Schedule

Academic and professional employees with ten or twelve month obligations are paid on a twenty-six (26) bi-weekly pay period basis. Paydays are alternate Wednesdays. Research Foundation employees are also paid on a bi-weekly basis with a payday of alternate Fridays.


Payday is every other Wednesday. College employees are paid on a two-week lag basis: a two-week delay between the time the work is performed and when the salary for that work is received. Under the lag payroll system, new employees must wait approximately four weeks to receive their first full paycheck. The first paycheck will cover up to the first two weeks of employment, depending upon the number of days worked within the pay period. Subsequent paychecks will be for the entire two-week pay period.

Paycheck Distribution

Paychecks are distributed in three different ways: a) in the Student Services Center, b) by the department or supervisor, in some instances, and c) by direct deposit to an employee's designated bank or credit union. Employees on leave, out of town on business, etc. should make arrangements for the disposition of their paycheck. Forms are available in the Human Resources Office or in the Student Services Center. Similar arrangements should be made for employees during periods of non-obligation.

Direct Deposit

Employees may have their paychecks deposited directly into their bank or credit union if it participates in the NYS Direct Deposit Program. Applications for direct deposit are also available in the Human Resources Office.

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