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Summer in China - Intercultural Business Communication

ChinaThis three-week summer program provides students a unique opportunity to study intercultural communication and gain awareness of cultural differences. Students led by SUNY Canton faculty will spend two and a half weeks in Guangdong and the last three days in Beijing, China. Lectures will be supplemented by presentations and communication workshops by faculty from Guangdong College. Students will also have an opportunity to attend numerous cultural events and day trips and be joined by Guangdong students during lectures and cultural visits.The class is taught in English by SUNY Canton faculty, Bill Jones.

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The State University of New York currently offers 500 overseas study programs in more than 51 different countries: in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Programs range from 2-3 week intensive courses to a semester or academic year abroad. Courses are available in over 100 subjects, ranging alphabetically from aboriginal studies and aerospace engineering to western philosophy and women's studies. While many programs focus on language learning and are conducted in the language of the host country, many others are conducted wholly or partly in English.

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