Study Abroad Program

Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences in a college student's career. Getting to know another culture, living in a new environment, learning a new language, meeting people: all these add up to a kind of education different from what one acquires on campus. Equally important for American students is the discovery of their own country – its customs, traditions, and values – as they come to see it from a foreign point of view.

Students and their families should be aware that the U.S. Department of State maintains a website for U.S. citizen students who are, or will be, studying abroad. It may be found at and addresses the following subject areas:

  • Enrolling ones’ presence abroad with the nearest U.S. Embassy through the STEP Enrollment Program
  • Checking country-specific conditions as well as travel warning and alerts
  • Offering students travel safety and other traveling tips provided

What to consider when choosing a Study Abroad Program:

1) COURSES – Talk with your Academic Advisor EARLY! It is important to meet with your advisor to discuss the classes you want to take abroad for credit toward your major, minor, elective, or to fulfill general education requirements. Also talk about what semester would be best for you.

2) LOCATION and TYPE of PROGRAM – Choosing the right program can be challenging. Decide which country you would like to study in and the program that fits your academic and personal needs. When choosing a country, consider the following: city vs. suburbs, large vs. small university; housing in campus residence halls, city apartments or with host families? Also, how fluent are you in a second language if studying in a non-English speaking country? Will courses be offered in English?

3) COST - Is the specific program affordable? Will your financial aid and loans cover the majority of your expenses (including airfare, local travel, field trips)?

After you have determined these factors, it is recommended that you make an appointment with us to discuss the many steps required for studying abroad.

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