Anna Hu

Anna Hu

Business English Professor
Applied Foreign Languages Department
Guandong Women's Polytechnic College
P.R. China

SUNY Canton Office: FOB 514
Office: x3829

At present Anna is a teacher of Business English in the Applied Foreign Department at Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic College in P.R. China. All her students are Business English majors. They not only learn the language of English, but also the knowledge of business. Some of them will be translators and interpreters after graduation. Anna would like to learn some theories of translation studies, especially the text type approach. First, there are still questions as to how the approach is to be applied in the case of a specific text---especially the business texts in English. Are there any principles to follow? Second, the translation of business texts into English requires more than just attention to the Source Text, since the translator’s own role and purpose and sociocultural pressures also affect the kind of translation strategy that is adopted. How would above factors affect the translation strategy? Last, but not the least, how are the Business English courses arranged compared with those in China? As Business English is a popular major in higher education institutions in China, is it successful compared with western examples?

Anna & Marela

Anna and Marela

If given the chance, Anna would like to take some courses on translation theories and Business English teaching. She also wishes to do research under a professor’s supervision and publish some paper on the correlative magazine. In her spare time, she would like to visit more universities and cities and get a thorough understanding about the cultural diversity.

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

Degree thesis and major publications:

M.A. thesis: British Universities: Beyond the Ivory Tower
B.A. thesis: A Major Problem Area in the Teaching of Grammar and Possible Causes and Proposed Solutions

Anna has recently published the following publications:

  • On study of Knowledge of Business in Business English Teaching, Career Horizon, 2010, (2)
  • Zhou Zoren’s Translation Theory and Practice, Journal of Liaoning Educational Administration, 2009, (10)
  • On Bilingual Education in Polytechnic Colleges. Vocational Education Research, 2009, (7)
  • Textbooks Culture in the EFL Classroom, Journal of Language and Literature Studies, 2008, (11)
  • On Individual Variation Affecting Language Transfer Journal of Liaoning Management Cardre Institute, 2008. (2)
  • Comparison of the Educational Ideology of Confucius with that of Socrats, Journal of Huaihua University, 2006, (12)

Guangdong Province, China

Anna and Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic College are looking forward to developing programs of exchange students or teachers from both schools.

Guangdong Province

Guangdong Women's Professional Technical College is a full-time-run college and university, and is currently the only women's college in Guangdong Province.

Elmira Akhmetzyanova

Elmira Akhmetzyanova

Director of Volga Regional Centre for Spatial Development

SUNY Canton Office: FOB 234
Office: x7608

Elmira will spend a portion of the Fall 2010 semester at SUNY Canton working with the Business Department.

With a Ph. D in Economics from Kazan Financial-Economic Institute, Ms. Akhmetzyanova draws upon her research in economic development and growth in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Elmira has recently published the following publications:

  • A professional training as competitiveness facts in frameworks of the cluster development of territories, 2009
  • The basic tendencies of development of accompanying cluster in Laishevo municipal region, 2007
  • Application of indicative management at level of rural settlements of Laishevo municipal region, 2007
  • About mechanisms of interaction of local authorities and subjects of small and average business with a view of social and economic development of Laishevo municipal region of Tatarstan, 2006

Elmira & Marela

Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Kazan, Tatarstan


Kazan State Finance and Economics InstituteKazan State Finance and Economics Institute is one of the state leading economic higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation. Along with training world standard specialists it is also a centre of economic study. It is constantly involved in solving vital matters in both economic and financial spheres of our country's life.


Yulan Wang

Yulan in Front of Bed & Breakfast

Associate Professor
Anhui Economic Management Institute
Visiting Scholar, Math Department

SUNY Canton Office: FOB 316B
Office: x7988
Email: or

Ms. Yulan Wang’s educational background includes receiving her Bachelors degree in Probability and Statistics and her Masters degree in Operations Research and Management Sciences.
Yulan ‘s work experience includes teaching Agricultural Statistics at Anhui Secondary School, Advanced Mathematics at Hefei Price School and lecturing at Anhui Economic Management Institute.

Yulan will spend one year at SUNY Canton, working closely with Dr. Jiayuan Lin, Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department, focusing on Academic Research and observing American Culture and English Language. Her teaching experience, besides the courses previously list, include Linear Algebra and Probability & Statistics.

Yulan has published the following papers in China:            

  • “Operational Research Applied in the Adjustment of Production Structure”
  • “The Reason to Cause the Issue of the Statistic Data’s Quality and the Countermeasure”
  • “Developing the Function of Statistics in Enterprises”
  • “Developing the Rule of Statistics Work of Enterprises”
  • “The Teaching Methods on Mathematics Call for Modernization”
  • “The Application of OWGA Operator in the Rank Ordering of Village’s Cadre”

Yulan in Downtown Canton

Anhui Province, China

Anhui Province

Anhui Economic Management Institute is located in Hefei, the capital city of the Anhui Province, China. Since it was founded in 1949, Anhui Economic Management Institute has been a key institution for the government to train and educate cadres. Its alumni have taken an important role and made great contributions in the development of Anhui economy over the past sixty years. The institute currently has 4 campuses with approximately 8,000 students and 300 faculty members. Consisting of 11 departments & 3 training division/centers with 31 majors, Anhui Economic Management Institute covers a broad range of education areas such as public management, business administration, finance & accounting, securities investment, trade, tourism, computer science and information technology, foreign languages, and sociology. The institute has seen a rapid development in recent years. Its international cooperation center, approved by the Ministry of Education of China, has established strong connections with universities in the United States, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and Singapore.