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Sharing Files and Folders in your OneDrive for Business library

You have the ability to share files and folders with individuals within the organization or with people outside the organization.

In your library, you may see the folder Shared with Everyone (Microsoft has plans to remove this folder)
Share Dialog Box
It does as the name suggests, any file placed in that folder would be shared with everyone in the organization. As such, you should avoid using this folder. In fact, it is better if you simply delete it.

You can do this by selecting the folder, click on More and then in the menu that opens, click on Delete More Dialog Box

Sharing a file

To share a file, select the file Sharing a File
and click on Share
Click Share

Alternatively, you can click on the ellipsis (...) next to the file. A box will open that will show a preview of your document. Click SHARE. Document Preview

In the sharing window that opens, you will have the option to invite people via email within or outside the organization to view the file, or edit it if you so choose.

With Invite people selected, enter in the email addresses of the people you wish to share with. In the dropdown box, you can select whether they can only view the file or edit it. You can also include a message in the email.
Invite People
Click Share

In your library, the file now reports as being shared with Professor X.
Share with Professor X

And the Professor receives the email notification...
Email Notification

When the Professor opens his own OneDrive for Business library, and selects Shared with me, he will see the shared file listed.
OneDrive Library


If the person you were inviting is outside the organization, they will receive a notification from the “Microsoft Online Services Team” rather than your email address, so you should explain in the message what it is about and who you are.
Microsoft Online Services Team

When they click on the link in the email, they will be required to sign-in with either a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook.com) or an Office 365 account, if they have an account with an organization that is also using Office 365.
Office 365


Sharing invitations are valid for 7 days, after which if the recipient tries to accept the invitation, it will no longer work.

If you need to withdraw an invitation sent to an external recipient, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Site Settings
    Site Settings
  2. Under Users and Permissions, click Access requests and invitations
    Access Requests
  3. Under External User Invitations, find the person you would like to uninvite.
    Invite a person
  4. Click on the ellipsis (...) to open the menu options and click Withdraw


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