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Please provide all of the requested information so that we may better prepare for your session.

  1. Please submit only one class session at a time.
  2. Submit your request seven (7) working days in advance of the instruction date request. This is to ensure the availability of both classroom and instruction librarian.
  3. Please see our Library Instruction Policies and Procedures for more information.
  4. Please click here to request instruction with our Mobile iPad Classroom!

For FYEP instructors: FYEP Library Instruction typically receives the "What's @ Your Library Learning Commons: A Digital Scavenger Hunt." This activity provides an engaging and robust library orientation to FYEP students. If you're not interested in the Scavenger Hunt, please let us know as you fill out the form below.

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You must select three different date possibilities. Your request for instruction must be made at least seven (7) working days in advance. This is to ensure availability of the classroom and instruction librarian.

To Help Us Prepare...

This section is not necessary for instructors of FYEP. FYEP instruction sessions consist of an orientation to Southworth Library Learning Commons, and conclude with students participating in the "What's @ Your Library Learning Commons: A Digital Scavenger Hunt." If you are an FYEP instructor, simply type N/A or FYEP into the boxes below. Thank you!

Prior to library instruction, students should be introduced to their research assignment and have a possible topic in mind. If you would prefer a library orientation or tour, please note that below.

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