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North Country Regional Medical Advisory Committee

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2014 REMAC/REMSCO Meeting Dates

What is REMSCO?
The North Country Regional Emergency Medical Services Council is a not-for-profit organization. Regional Councils were created to improve the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical services through coordinated oversight of personnel, recruitment and retention, training and resources by the New York State Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) Act of 1973 (New York Public Law 93-154) Article 30, which was added to Title XII of the Public Health Service Act. Article 30 establishes and empowers the individual Regional Councils to govern themselves through By-Laws. The North Country Regional EMS Council's By-Laws can be viewed by accessing the link provided below.

The Council coordinates activities for Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties and consists of not more than thirty members. Membership on the REMSCO represents ambulance services of each of the three counties and includes physicians, hospitals, fire departments, emergency and rescue squads, public officers and the general public. Members must live within the geographic areas served. 

Can I attend a REMSCO meeting?
Yes! The REMSCO meetings are open to the public. You can obtain the current REMSCO meeting schedule by clicking on the link provided. If you have other questions you may call the North Country EMS Program Agency at: 315.379.3977 or 866.475.3977.




What is REMAC?
The Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (REMAC) is a committee of REMSCO and functions under Article 30 Section 3004-A of the New York State Public Health Law. Membership on REMAC is composed of a minimum of five physicians as well as representatives who also sit on the REMSCO, and members of rescue/fire squads from the three county region. Membership is voted by the REMAC and approved by the REMSCO.

As stipulated in the REMSCO By-Laws, the REMAC "develops policies, procedures, triage, treatment and transportation protocols which are consistent with the standards of the State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC)." This committee also approves physicians to provide on-line medical control, coordinates the development of the Regional Medical Control system and actively participates in CQI/QA reviews, which are closed to public attendance, to address system-wide concerns.

Can I attend a REMAC meeting?
Yes you can attend. With the exception of CQI specific meetings, the REMAC meetings are open to the public. You can locate the REMAC meeting schedule by clicking on the link provided below. If you have other questions about the REMAC, please call the North Country EMS Program Agency at: 315.379.3977 or 866.475.3977.


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