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POSTED 2/15:

NYS DOH has released an update for EMT-B Aspirin Administration. As stated in the Adult Cardiac Related Problem protocol:

VI. If patient has not taken aspirin and has no history of aspirin allergy and no evidence of recent gastrointestinal bleeding; administer nonenteric chewable aspirin (160 to 325 mg).


Per our Regional Protocols, aspirin dosage is 162 mg (2 - 81 mg chewable tablets). Any inquiries on this should be directed to the NCEMS office at 315 - 379 -3977


All Basic and Intermediate providers need to be trained on the administration of aspirin, please see the attached documents for more information. Training should be done by a NYS CIC, CLI, or your training officer with approval of your Medical Director.  Please update your BLS protocol book with the attached Adult Cardiac Related Problem protocol pg. M-5

Homeland Security Training Opportunity : Homeland Security announces the following DHS approved training opportunity. 

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