Students Racing for Rooms in SUNY Canton’s New Residence Hall, Sept. 15

First-float, first-served.

SUNY Canton students will compete in a raft race on the Grasse River to secure their first choice of rooms in SUNY Canton’s newest residence hall as part of the College’s Suite Construction Celebration.

The event will be commemorating the construction of the Grasse River Housing Suites and will begin at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 15, across the street from the construction site on Cornell Drive. The celebration is free and open to the public.

“It will be our unique way to mark the momentous project and commemorate what it will mean for our College,” SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy said. “Following the opening of our new athletic complex this spring, it is the next biggest thing at our College and will allow us continue our dramatic growth and progress.”

“In addition to the raft races, members of our student government will be assembling a time capsule to be built into the building,” said Michael J. Perry, executive director of the College Association and director of student activities. “We are celebrating the latest progress during our Fall Festival line-up of student events.”


Construction of the new 305 bed residence hall began earlier this summer with a completion date of August 2011. The residence hall will be for upper class students and current plans include a mini-store, multi-purpose classroom, meeting space, and a large open courtyard for recreation and outdoor activities.

“We’ve seen explosive growth in enrollment numbers, especially in our four-year programs, and we expect the trend to continue,” said Vice President for Advancement David M. Gerlach. “The addition of this new residence hall is critical to the growth of our college as we add degree programs and welcome more four-year students to our community.”

Total project costs are currently estimated at approximately $22 million for the LEED Silver Certified building. Northland Associates of Liverpool will be heading up the project, its third simultaneous construction project at SUNY Canton. They are currently working on the College’s Roos House, otherwise known as the Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center, as well as overhauling Nevaldine Technology Center.

For more information about the Suite Construction Celebration, contact the SUNY Canton Foundation, 315.386.7127 or email

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8 Responses to “Students Racing for Rooms in SUNY Canton’s New Residence Hall, Sept. 15”

  1. Jack Says:

    Many students do not agree with the “winners” in the “winning res hall” of the raft race being able to “squat” their rooms first in the new residence hall. Many students feel that the students with the highest grade point average and/or with the most credit hours should be able to “squat” their rooms first, not students who get the best luck getting to the finish line first. Also, because some students will not participate in this event, it is not fair that the students who did not participate in the race, but their residence hall ends up winning the race, get to “squat” their rooms in the new residence hall over students who did participate in the event, but did not end up winning. Many students feel that the race should be just for fun, and not determine who gets rooms in the new residence hall first.

  2. One time Roo Says:

    I feel the same with what jack. Should start out qualifying 4th year seniors. I say them because they have given the most to the school thus far. They have seen the school change And then work your way down the class. I like this idea because People will look forward to living in these beautiful suites. And in all honesty i think it should only be Juniors and Seniors that get to live in the new dorms.

  3. Amanda Says:

    I think its a great idea! It is a good way to start a new tradition.

  4. Chris Says:

    I agree with the idea of giving it to the students that have given ALOT of time, sweat, tears, oh and the most important MONEY! I don’t feel that it is fair for any Freshman, who will probably either fail out their first semester or transfer to another school, to get a room over a Senior who has dedicated themselves to the faculty and the school. I really think that this should be re-considered, or atleast voted on by the student body. I would also like to add that on average Freshmans do not have alot of self-control or maturity due to the fact that this is, for most, the first time away from mom and dad. Again, I said average, this does not pertain to all Freshman. On the other side of the spectrum, I don’t think that 1st year students in general should have “dibs” on these room either ( I said Freshman first because it was the most common example.) Another way to look at this is when we do the lottery for the rooms each semester, we do not have River Races to see who goes first. We go with the seniority or semesters spent at Canton. Now for many of you that may be reading this and thinking, “oh this guy has to be a senior,” I am not a senior. I am a transfer second-year Freshman. And the reason I feel it should go to seniors or seniority, isif I were a senior I would want all the support in this type of matter I could get. Ok there I will get off my soap box now.

  5. One time Roo Says:

    Hey chris, No freshmen get to live in the suites of this new building.. its all upper classmen. Im saying and you agree, that it should start from the top, and work its way down. I mean, cause how nice would it be come graduation and the seniors are all in one area alll their parents.. I mean they could have graduation in the smith parking lot, and then the reception could be right there in the quad of this new building, How beautiful would that be? I think it would make for a great last weekend for these seniors. And if some seniors choose to live in the pet wing or other wings, so be it.. But i think it could make for a much better graduation

  6. One time Roo Says:

    Another example, is what if the person who wins this race fails out and doesnt return for when the new dorms are done? Then the race would be in the long run a waste. The best way would be to go to the many schools that recently opened up Town House type dorms and get suggestions, Like potsdam and brockport two suny schools… And start a waiting list, that way if a student signs up to live in the dorm this year and its already full, that person has a chance to live in it next year.

  7. Dedicated Student Says:

    I too feel as if the new residence hall should only be available to upper classmen Juniors and seniors on a first come first serve basis, They are the most dedicated in all reality they are the students that deserve it most! A race does not determine how determined you are to recieve your education. Also what happends to the students who have a class scheduled for that day and time and cannot make it to even participate in the race? I strongly believe that this is not a fare shot to all students as it should be. why not reserve space only for students you know will return.

  8. Future R.N. Says:

    Too bad you don’t even think about the Nursing Students who are in classes or Clinicals.You make it impossible for us to participate.We are serious students and we should be able to participate.I should have the same chance as everyone else to live in the new dorms.It seems to me that many activites are scheduled when Nursing students can’t attend. You lack respect for the dedication of the Nursing students,by making it impossible for us to participate in so many activites.I can only hope that in the future you will show us more consideration.Activites should be available to all students.Nursing students need to let off steam too.I can only hope that in the future you will find a way to include my peers.We pay the same as everyone else so we should be entitled to participate.You try to sell us on the college experience,but that’s a joke when we are not able to attend due to our obligations of the Nursing Program.I would encourage other students to live off campus and forget about the new dorm.Perhaps you might think about weekend activites when classes aren’t being held.SUNY Canton Nursing students should be the pride of the campus,not a forgotten after thought.To my many Nursing Student peers,Hang in there don’t give up,maybe someday they will realise what an asset to this campus that we really are.Study hard,mature,and focus. When we become Nurses that will be the real prize.Not geting first dibs on the new dorms won’t even be on our radar.GO Nursing students.HooRah!