SUNY Canton Cancels Next Week’s Classes (Feb. 13 -17)

Due to a fire in Cook Hall and potential smoke damage to adjacent buildings on the SUNY Canton campus, the College is sending students home and cancelling classes for the week of February 13-17. Classes are set to resume on Monday, Feb. 20.

Residential students are being instructed to return to campus on Sunday, Feb. 19. Only students with obligations outside the classroom, such as athletes with game and practice obligations, will be allowed to remain on campus next week. The men’s ice hockey game versus Syracuse University scheduled for 7:30 p.m. tonight (Friday, Feb. 10) at Roos House will be played as scheduled. Chaney Dining Hall is serving dinner this evening on campus.

The affected buildings remain closed, but the rest of the campus is now accessible.

“We consider ourselves very fortunate that no one was hurt,” said SUNY Canton President Joseph L. Kennedy. “It was a tremendous response from our local firefighters, rescue squads and police agencies, including our own University Police here on campus. This situation could have been worse, but these agencies and individuals were exceptional in containing the fire and minimizing the damage.”

Cook Hall is the only building damaged by the fire. The extent of damage has not yet been assessed. The fire broke out shortly before noon on Friday, Feb. 10. Authorities are currently investigating the origin of the fire and whether adjacent buildings sustained any smoke damage. Officials are limiting access to several buildings on campus until they are clean and acceptable for use.

“We’ll attempt to resume normalcy as soon as we are certain that it is safe to do so,” said Kennedy. “We’ve had a conference call with the SUNY Chancellor’s Office and they have been exceptional in their guidance and assistance. We will undoubtedly have to make up some classes later in the semester and maximize alternative classroom space, but ultimately we’re hoping this will be minimally disruptive in the long run.”

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to continue to monitor their emails and check the College’s website for further information.

9 Responses to “SUNY Canton Cancels Next Week’s Classes (Feb. 13 -17)”

  1. Erin Hutchins Says:

    What is going to be done with student belongings left in the buildings?

  2. An Upset $ Consern Parent Says:

    I just received a call from my child that he need to return home and is unable to get his belonging fom his room. He is an asthmic and he needs his meds and a coat along with his pet turtle that will not survive a week with out food. Some needs to do something about this matter!!!!!!!

  3. Donald Says:

    What is the policy for online classes during this next week? Are they canceled/postponed like the other classes or will they continue as normal? I only ask as some students may not have reliable internet access while at home and may not be able to complete the work.

  4. Administrator Says:

    All online classes are also canceled for next week. Students may continue working in their online courses during the week away from campus, however it is not required. Please check with your instructor for deadline and assignment changes.

  5. chris Says:

    Do New York students that live off campus w be able to leave on the buses that leave tomorrow or its only for residential students ? also will they still be winter break ? since we already losing one week of classes.

  6. Lara Says:

    What is going on with the dispersement of Financial Aid overage/credit checks (or direct deposits) that are scheduled to be dispersed next week (Not including TAP)?

    I’m sure I speak for others as well when I say that we are really depending on that money and having to wait an additional week or so could (and for myself, will) cause a major financial inconvenience.

  7. Laurie Welker Says:

    I would like to know if bus transportation will be provided if a residential student does not live in New York City. A bus to and from Syracuse, for example, would be a tremendous help to all of the families in Central, Western and Southern Tier New York State.

  8. Mr. Saburro Says:

    What are faculty’s obligations for week of Feb 13?

  9. Administrator Says:

    Please view the updates page for the latest information about cancelations and faculty commitments.