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S-STEM Scholarship Program
(Funded by National Science Foundation Grant # DUE-0966003)

Grant Period: 9/1/2010 to 8/31/2016

SUNY Canton Canino School of Engineering Technology received the National Science Foundation Scholarship for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (NSF S-STEM) grant award for $596,160 in July 2010 to support 18 students to complete Baccalaureate degree or Associate degree.

S-STEM requirements:

  • Scholars must be financially disadvantaged and academically talented
  • Open to US citizens or permanent residents
  • Priority given to women and underrepresented ethnic minorities
  • An annual scholarship of $7,200 per student ($28,800 total for four years)

SUNY STEM Conference

Key outcomes of the program:

  1. Number of scholarship recipients: 30 scholars
  2. Percent of recipients graduated/retained: 77% (23 scholars)
  3. Percent of graduated/retained recipients receiving Bachelor's degree: 74% (17)
  4. Percent of graduated/retained recipients with Associate's degree: 26% (6)
  5. Percent of graduated/retained recipients earning minor in Applied Physics and/or Math: 74% (17)
  6. Percent of under-represented (women and ethnic minority) scholarship recipients: 60% (18 of 30)
  7. Percent of graduated/retained under-represented scholarship recipients: 89% (16 of 18)

Students at American Society for Engineering Conference

Other achievements:

  1. Provided professional development for all scholars (Conference attendance)
  2. Provided educational field trips for all scholars
  3. Provided a summer program in Physics and Mathematics in the first three years
  4. Provided academic and enrichment support programs/mentorship for all scholars
  5. STEM seminars
  6. Presentations of the progress and outcome of the S-STEM program at national conferences
  7. A Publication in peer reviewed journal
  8. Supplemental recruitment activities
  9. Institutionalization of S-STEM tutoring center now Engineering Tutoring Lab

Kennedy Space Center

For more information on this scholarship program, please contact:

Dr. Lawretta Ononye
Associate Professor of Physics
Director NSF S-STEM Program
SUNY Canton


  1. Lawretta Ononye, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
  2. Molly Mott, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Support Services & Instructional Technology
  3. Feng Hong, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  4. JoAnne Fassinger, Grants Coordinator

Dr. Ononye presenting at ASEE Conference

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