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Official College Withdrawal

An official college withdrawal withdraws the student from all coursework for the semester with a final grade of ‘W’ for each course. Separate rules apply if you withdraw from some classes but not all.

Important Things to Consider Before Withdrawing

  • Withdrawal may impact your ability to receive financial aid if you return to SUNY Canton. You need to be aware of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Guidelines for Financial Aid if you receive any financial aid (includes loans).
  • Withdrawal may impact your ability to keep all financial aid you have received for the current semester. You need to be aware of the Title IV Refund Policy. The college may be required to return part of your financial aid awards (including loans) to the Department of Education if you did not complete at least 60% of the semester.
  • This may impact the amounts of the charges on your student bill for the current semester. You need to be aware of the college's Reduction of Charges policy.
  • Be aware of the Withdrawal Dates including the last day to withdraw and impact on your bill.
  • A pending judicial action with the Student Conduct Office will prevent a student from being able to withdraw.

How to Withdraw:

There is a process all students must complete if they are withdrawing from all coursework for the semester.

Step 1:  Login to UCanWeb

Step 2: Go under the Student Menu to select Registration.

Step 3:  Select Request to Withdraw from this Semester.

Step 4: You will be sent an email confirmation to your SUNY Canton email account once the process has been successfully initiated.

Step 5: Monitor your SUNY Canton email account for important information regarding your withdrawal from various campus offices and respond accordingly if desired.

Step 6: You will be notified via email to your SUNY Canton email once the process is completed.

Once your withdrawal request has been processed, you will be notified by the Student Service Center of any adjustment to your financial aid, billed charges, and any resulting balance due on your student account.

If you are not enrolled in a SUNY Canton degree or certificate program (part-time non-degree), please contact the Registrar's Office.

* Students may not withdraw from college during the last ten instructional days of a full semester, exclusive of the final exam period. The last day for withdrawal from summer and winter terms is posted with information for those terms.

Reduction of Charges

Reduction of tuition and fees are dependent on the date of official withdrawal. See the Withdrawal Dates and Information page for the schedule for reimbursement of tuition and fees.

Other Potential Issues

  • Transcripts: Requests for a transcript may be delayed if you fail to address issues with your account on a timely basis.
  • Re-Admission: The Office of Admission cannot re-admit you to the college if you have a past due balance or any other holds on your account.
  • Holds: There are several reasons your account may be placed on hold, including billing issues. (fines include library, dorm damage, disciplinary, etc.)
  • Suspension: Any student who is suspended from the college must address that issue with the appropriate office before they are eligible to return.

View the downloadable Withdrawal Brochure for additional details.

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