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Helpful Information

Mandatory College Admission Health Requirements

All students taking 6 or more credits must submit the Health History Form. Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) immunizations are required for all students born on or after January 1, 1957 and the Meningitis Response Form MUST BE COMPLETED. Both of these requirements are mandated by New York State law. Failure to comply with one or both requirements will result in suspension from college. Athletes and students in certain curriculums (Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant, Dental Hygiene, and Early Childhood) must also submit the completed physical exam portion of the Health History Form. The physical exam is optional for all other students. NOTE: Students taking all classes online and NOT living on campus are exempt from this requirement

SUNY Canton ID Card

All students on campus are required to have an ID Card. There is no fee for your first card. Your SUNY Canton ID has many uses on campus. The meal plan you have chosen is on it. This same card has your Roo Express Account on it. It grants you access to your residence hall, and is used in the library for checking out materials. Upon request, your ID card must be surrendered to a college official. Your ID card is NOT to be loaned or used by anyone else.

Any questions regarding ID cards, Roo Express accounts and meal plans may be directed to (315) 386-7210 or (315) 386-7624 or you can find us in “The One Hop Shop” located in Miller Campus Center.

To receive an ID card: Stop by the One Hop Shop on the bottom floor of Miller Campus Center. A photo will be taken in the office and you will be issued your ID card in minutes. Office Hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Questions regarding getting an ID card, call 386-7624. ID cards cannot be mailed, and must be picked up in person.

Replacement Cards: If your ID card is lost or stolen contact the College Association Office or report it lost/stolen on www.GET.CBORD.com. There is a $15.00 replacement fee for lost cards. If your card is no longer in working order, bring it to the College Association Office and turn it in for a free replacement. The $15 replacement fee does not apply to stolen cards reported to University Police. www.GET.CBORD.com is a great tool in checking account balances, viewing recent transactions, adding funds by debit/credit card instantly, and reporting your card lost/found/stolen. Setting up an account is simple and can help protect your funds.

Meals: Students can select their meal plan through their UCANWEB or at the One Hop Shop. Residential students can make meal plan changes throughout the first week of each semester. Commuter students have the option to select a meal plan anytime.  Only the student can change their meal plan and must come to the office to complete a form.

Roo Express Account: The Roo Express Account is a flexible spending account that can be used on and off campus at various locations. You can use your Roo Express account on campus at Chaney Dining Center, Campus Center Store/Textbook Center, JT's, Deb's Corner, Cyber Cafe, Serendipity, KFC Express, Taco Bell, Jreck Subs, residential convenience stores, vending and copy machines. You can check here for an up to date list of all of the off campus locations that accept the “Roo Card”. You can request to add funds to your Roo Card using your loans or financial aid on UCANWEB when you are accepting your bill. You can add funds by cash, check, or credit card at the One Hop Shop or at www.managemyid.com.

Tobacco Restricted Campus

In order to provide a healthy working and learning environment for the campus community, SUNY Canton is a tobacco restricted campus. Tobacco use is only permitted in designated areas. Tobacco use in other areas of the campus, including inside all campus-owned vehicles, is prohibited. Designated tobacco and tobacco-free areas can be found at: http://www.canton.edu/wellness.

Campus Center Store and Textbooks

The Campus Center Store is here to serve your needs. You can purchase textbooks, school supplies, SUNY Canton clothing, gifts, computers and technology needs and more.

Textbooks: Purchase their textbooks online or at the Campus Store.


  • SUNY Canton ID Card & a copy of your class schedule
  • Be Prepared: Confirm that any Financial Aid (if applicable) is in process. The College Association Office, can assist you
  • Open a "Roo Express" account prior to purchasing your books.

Payment Options

  • Financial Aid (prior approval from Student Service Center)
  • Roo Express Account (this is the most efficient method)
  • VISA, MC, Discover and American Express Personal Check
  • Cash

    The Easy Way: Avoid waiting in line!!! Order your textbooks online (www.canton.edu/ca/campus_store/ ) and pick them up later! Follow the step-by-step instructions. Pay online with your Roo Express Account, financial aid or major credit cards listed above. Orders can be picked up at “The Window”. Computers available right outside the Campus Store or at the Library for online orders.

    Tips and Suggestions
    • It may be helpful to attend the first meeting of each class before buying your books. Ask about our textbook rentals & save 35-65% off.
    • Online students need to acquire textbooks before classes start.
    • Books that are unwrapped or written in are considered used books and cannot be returned for a full refund.
    • Protect your books! Mark them in a discreet place so they can be easily identified. Do not leave them unattended. Books have value at the end of the semester.
    • Book buyback is conducted near the end of each semester by a book wholesaler who will purchase your books based upon the current wholesale value of the books. This is typically 20% to 50% range of the original purchase price.

    Any Questions?
    • We are here to help you. Call the Campus Center Store 386-7112 for any textbook and computer related questions or 386-7319
    • ID, Meal Plans, and Roo Express account information - call 386-7624

Federal Work Study Program: Campus Jobs

If you are eligible for work-study, but do not have work-study as part of your financial aid package, ask the Financial Aid office to put your name on their “Work-Study Waiting List”.  If you are interested in receiving Work Study as part of your total financial aid package, you must indicate your intention when you complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – EVERY YEAR.  


Lockers are available for commuters who are full or part-time SUNY Canton students in the lower level of Wicks Hall. If you would like a locker, purchase a combination or key lock (available in the Campus Center Store) and place the lock on any locker not already taken. All locks and contents must be removed from the lockers within 24 hours of your last final exam at the end of each semester.

Mail Information

New on-campus students receive their campus mailing address in their housing assignment letter. When receiving mail, your address should read:

John Smith
Campus Mail Room
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617

Resident students receive their mail at the student mailroom located on the first floor of the Miller Campus Center (across from the Campus Center Store). When you arrive for the fall semester, visit the student mailroom and sign out your mail key. The mailroom will be open 9am - 4pm daily for the first week of school. If you have any questions, please call 315-386-7506.

Shuttle to the Village of Canton

A shuttle van service travels back and forth from campus to downtown destinations. This service operates Monday - Friday. See the Shuttle Van page for current schedule

Commuter Information

Commuters have access to the Commuter Lounge, located in Payson 217.  This room is equipped with study space, refrigerator and microwave, and a bulletin board for coordinating ride-sharing.  Commuters can also consider joining the Commuter Club. 

Student Activities

Student Activities provides entertainment options throughout the school year.  See the Student Activities site or check out "Activities at SUNY Canton" on Facebook for upcoming activities. 

Advising & First Year Programs

Located in Miller Campus Center 221, Advising & First Year Programs is here to assist you with questions about scheduling, placement and transfer credit. We are here to help you:

  • Learn about your responsibilities as a student.
  • Better understand SUNY Canton's advising and degree requirements.
  • Learn how to choose future classes
  • Assist with any questions related to your First Year Experience course (FYEP 101). 


Campus Ministry Office

Inviting and supporting members of the SUNY Canton community (students, faculty, administration, and staff) to explore and grow in their spiritual life. More information on their website: Campus Ministry



For other Orientation/ School Opening Questions, contact :
New Student Orientation Programs
Phone: 315-379-3822


New Student Orientation Programs
SUNY Canton
34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617