Presidential Search

Presidential Search Committee

  • Ronald O'Neill, College Council Chairman
  • Stacey Basford, Compliance Training Coordinator
  • Tony Beane, Professor of Veterinary Science Technology
  • Sue Buckley, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Ed Coombs, College Foundation Board
  • Jondavid DeLong, Dean of the School of Business and Liberal Arts
  • Elizabeth Erickson, Associate Professor of Criminal Investigation/Presiding Officer of the Faculty Assembly
  • Will Fassinger, Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Maureen Maiocco, Professor of Early Childhood
  • Dale Major, Alumni Association
  • Ornella Parker, Student Government Association President
  • Marie Regan, College Council Member/Professor Emerita
  • Thomas Sauter, College Council Member
  • Deborah Stanley, SUNY Oswego President
  • Roger Sharlow, College Council Member
  • Ron Tavernier, Assistant Professor of Biology