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How to Edit an Item Requisition

Click on the Finance dropdown and under the Procurement heading choose Item Requisition.
Screenshot: Item Requisition

Choose Req Search under the SUNY Financial Toolbox

Screenshot: Requisition Number and Search

Type in your Requisition Number and click Search.

Screenshot: Type in Req Number

Choose your req and then click select.

Screenshot: Choose Req

Once you click select, it will bring you to this page, the summary tab, and scroll down to the bottom.

Screenshot: Workflow Details

You should then see the words; View Workflow Details, Print, and Edit. Choose Edit.

Screenshot: Workflow Edit

A box will then pop-up, click OK.

Screenshot: Click OK

You will then see this screen, where you can choose what you would like to edit; Header, Item/Funding, or the Vendor.

Screenshot: Edit Req

In order to edit the Item/Funding or Vendor you must scroll down until you see Item/Funding and Vendor at the bottom.

Screenshot: Save Information

To edit the Item/Funding Information, click on Item/Funding Information and this screen will appear.

Screenshot: Edit Item Funding

Select the Item you would like to edit and then click Select. You may then update what you need, making sure to Update Funding, and be sure to click Save.

Screenshot: Check Item and select

Once finished go to your workflow. Choose your req and then click approve.

Screenshot: Check All and Approve

To update/change a vendor, click on the Vendor tab.

Screenshot: Change Vendor

You can either look up a vendor by their name or their SFS ID. The % symbol can be used as a wildcard to expand your search, for example: S & B Computer% or Dell Market%, then click Search.

Screenshot: SFS ID Search

When you find the Vendor you are looking for, you select it and then will see this screen, make sure you click Add Suggested Vendor.

Screenshot: Add Suggested Vendor

If you are changing the Vendor, you will remove the one you do not want. After you will click Save.

Screenshot: Remove Vendor

Once finished go to your workflow. Choose your req and then click approve.

Screenshot: Choose req and approve

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