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Purchasing FAQs

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What is the time frame I need to keep in mind when submitting a requisition?

During the beginning of each semester and the last two months of the fiscal year (May/June), processing times for requisitions will increase due to an increased workload. Other factors besides the actual dollar amount of a requisition may also affect processing time. Proper lead time must be allowed in order for the Procurement department to perform necessary functions and to follow established regulations.

Does the dollar amount of the requisition affect the time frame?

Under normal circumstances, the following processing times for requisitions should be expected:

Under $2,500 $2,500 to $9,999 $10,000 to $20,000 Over $20,000
1-2 weeks 1-3 weeks 5-7 weeks 6-8 weeks


I need something right now. What can I do to get it?

We understand that emergencies will occur where normal processing times are not adequate. Please call either Tina or Beth regarding this situation at x7555. The e-requisition must include a statement addressing the nature of the emergency.

I received an invoice with my order. What should I do with it?

Any invoices or bills included in or received with an order must be forwarded to the Office of Procurement & Travel Services for payment. Without these items, the Purchase Order (PO) and subsequent vouchers can not be paid.

Why does the Office of Procurement & Travel Services need the invoice? Doesn't the PO mean that it will get paid?

The following are reasons why the invoice must be sent to the Office of Procurement & Travel Services:

  • The invoice contains information that is needed to pay the PO/voucher. It may include a price difference, shipping charges, or it may be a partial shipment.
  • The invoice is not proof that the items have been received, but rather an acknowledgement by the vendor that an order has been placed. In addition, the invoice may not have the correct pricing and amount the vendor is expecting as payment.
  • Verification of receipt, along with an invoice or bill from the vendor, is required before payment can be made.

Why do I need so many signatures on the E-Requisition?

Signatures are part of our system of checks and balances which have resulted in the following:

  • Two different signatures are required. One is you, the requester, and the other one, is the account custodian. The e-requisition then moves through the Work Flow approval process
  • At times, additional signatures or initials are required. Please keep in mind that when ordering videos, computer equipment or software, or anything that affects changes to buildings/grounds, the e-requisition should be forwarded to that appropriate office for their authorization.
    1. Videos: Michelle Currier
    2. Computer Equipment: Theresa Corbine
    3. Buildings/Grounds: Mike McCormick

I submitted my C-1 with signatures, but I haven't seen or heard anything about my items yet. Why?

The requisition must also go through several more steps before it is ordered.

  • It must be turned into a Purchase Order, encumbered against the proper account, released by the Vice President of Administrative Services and finally ordered.
  • Once the E-Requisition goes through all the proper steps, it must wait its turn for ordering in the Purchasing Office.
  • While each requisition is important, the college has a small staff to handle all the purchasing for the campus. It is possible that due to the volume of requisitions received during any given time frame, an order may not go out as soon as you would like.
  • You can check the status of your requisition by doing a requisition search in the Finance Management System and clicking on Work Flow Details

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