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Web Requisitions

The web procurement application allows departments to electronically approve and transmit requisitions to the Office of Procurement & Travel Services. This application assists in expediting orders. Please contact your Account Manager about departmental purchasing guidelines.

The signing and approval of the requisition is electronic, following a pre-determined WorkFlow process. WorkFlow provides the status of a document and can be monitored at anytime. There are no lost, misfiled or misplaced documents, and all documents are protected in a secure environment.

The system obligates the funds as soon as the requisition is input. Through the various stages of the procurement cycle (requisition, ordered, received, invoiced, paid, etc.) the system provides for monitoring/viewing by the department.

Purchasing follows SUNY's fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30. There may be some delays in this office as we work with System Administration during the conversion of lapsed year to current fiscal year.

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  1. Open this web site: https://www2.sysadm.suny.edu/EmployeeServices/Login/Login.cfm

  2. Click on the SUNY Secure sign-on button (next to the key)

  3. Enter campus, user id, and password then hit log in

  4. Go to the tab marked SUNY Business Systems Application

  5. At this point you can go into SMART by clicking on SMRT or to get into the Req and PO system click on Finance & Management System.

  6. You are now at your worklist. From here you will create an electronic requisition, and you will also be able to search for a requisition, purchase order, and vendors.

  7. Under Work Flow click on Finance, then Procurement

  8. Select New Item Req.  This is where you will enter information for an E-req

  9. Enter E-Req Number (you should have your own set of #’s to follow), Date (if not there), and Requestors Name (person items are for) and Attn Of

  10. Click on Save at bottom of page

  11. Now you will be on the Item Funding tab. Click on the Search/Validate button and type in what you are looking for. (Use list given to you at training for some quick references.)  Even when you know the UNSPSC Code you must click on Search/Validate for it to work properly. When you find the one you are looking for click Select.

  12. Enter the Quantity, Units, and Price for the items (tab through here so amount fills in for you)

  13. Select a Sub Object (from list) if one does not default for you

  14. Enter the Account Number, if the funds are not there you will not be able to do the E-Req

  15. Hit Save at bottom of page

  16. Now you will need to enter a Vendor.  Click on Search For Suggested Vendor

  17. Type in the name and click Search

  18. When the list comes up find the vendor you would like to use and hit Save

  19. Another screen will come up asking if you want to use this suggested vendor, click on Yes and put in a reason why you are using that vendor. You will not be able to proceed without the reason filled in.

  20. Click on Save, this will take you to Summary Tab, print a copy for your records

  21. Now go back to the Work Flow List on the left side of the screen.

  22. On your Work List you should be able to see the E-req that you just created.

  23. Click on the radial button next to the E-req and click Approve

  24. Enter a Brief Description of what was ordered and hit Enter. You have now sent the E-req on to the next phase in the process.  You will not be able to see it on your work list at this point.  You will be able to see the steps on the screen. Click on the Work Flow to get back to your Work List.

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