Annual Report 2016-17

Improve Operational Effectiveness

Smith Hall

In looking toward 2020, the College will focus on key areas of operational effectiveness to assure financial strength and vitality, improve campus infrastructure both in terms of physical plant and technology, inside and outside the classroom, and undertake several key human resources initiatives.

The College continues to focus on key areas of operational effectiveness to assure financial strength and vitality, and improve campus infrastructure inside and outside of the classroom.

SUNY Canton received the most Construction Fund support of any SUNY College or University because of its strategic planning. The Facilities Planning Department, under the direction of Shawn K. Miller Vice President for Administration, had many of its major projects ready to start when a call for proposals was issued.

When a student is comfortable in their surroundings and equipped with adequate knowledge of processes and procedures, they are likely to be more successful. Every operational improvement is supportive of the student experience.

– Shawn K. Miller, Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Canton College Foundation Fundraising

The Canton College Foundation helps foster student success and supports the College in its growth and positive impact on the community.

Scholarship Funding

Total Giving

We’ve expanded the number of events we held for alumni around the state and the country, increasing engagement. We also continued and increased the events held for current students, connecting them with the Alumni Office and laying the groundwork for future involvement as alumni.

- Anne M. Sibley, Vice President for Advancement and Executive Director of the Canton College Foundation


Southworth Library

Drive Decisions with
Relevant Information

SUNY Canton is committed to making timely, accurate information available to aid in planning and decision making.

SUNY Canton continues to develop and implement its Strategic Plan using new metrics, dashboards, and strategies. This allows the College to prioritize resource allocation and predict expenditures as linked with Student Learning Outcomes and other assessment plans.

Provost Douglas M. Scheidt, Ph.D., increased the allocation to the Library Textbook Loan Program to reduce student expenditure on textbooks. This initiative directly influences student retention and graduation rates. There were 2,571 more textbook and reserve transactions, or a nearly 23 percent increase as compared to the prior year.

Another, and more interactive, dashboard will go online this year. The College’s Facilities Department will be installing a touchscreen, interactive energy-management system at the heart of the campus. It will allow anyone to compare energy usage for every building on campus.

Total Operating Budget: $25.7 million